PVC bar mat

PVC bar mat

Product description:


(Product description)
1, bar mat, also called mat, bar, counter mats, mats.
2, material: PVC soft
3, advantages: the non-slip, resistance to heat, cold, abrasion, ageing resistance, easy to wear, nonpoisonous and tasteless.
Absorbent, can dress spilled drinks, etc.
4, use: bar mat can be used in bars, coffee bars and other entertainment venues, specifically for the beer.
Hot industries such as advertising, gift.
5, and can do a different logo, which is a highly practical products.
6, the product can be used repeatedly for a long time, dirt can be cleaned with detergent and water.
(Product features)

Products can be printed company logo or advertising content, according to their own design style, OEM, where products where advertising, Enterprise choose gifts, the best choice for business communication; Enterprises selected gifts for this product or product promotions or publicity, Conference souvenir, opening ceremonies will bring windfall gains to the company.


1, this product is a soft rubber products, cannot be cut with a cutting tool.
2, PVC materials are flammable goods, is not high temperature baking for a long time.
3 cleaning use neutral detergents when cleaning.

(Packing instructions)
1, this product is 1PCS/OPP bags, each not exceeding 25KG.
2, extra paper card color card, please notice, so that the accounting unit can also be provided, we can package free.
3, packaging packaging according to customer requirements, special packaging needs packaging and materials costs.
About ordering?
1, wangwang, QQ, Skype online discussions, telephone contact, send your request to inform.
2, please send your design artwork to my chat
Provide complete artwork in CMYK format?
Artwork file formats CDR, AI, PDF. Resolution not less than 300dpi, and convert text to curves?
3, the material is also available to us, we give you the design.?

Second, please contact us before buying?
Our company is specialized in the production of silicone, and PVC soft plastic promotional gift; So please before you buy for me made matters under negotiation; Shop supply information only by reference; Please understand!

Third, on the issue of price?
1, all of our goods are reference price, commodity price problems and Mong Kok main deliberations we observe the principle of large favorably.
(More favorable)
2, proof: the dot product; PVC300/; Silicone 500 Yuan/section; Proofing product for 3 days or so larger 1000-2000/(according to the color of a product; size; The complexity of the LOGO; Making process may be)
3, pricing tips: all customers have different shapes, size, LOGO, function, material, color, requirements, which shapes? size? LOGO, function, material, color, affect the price of the plenary, we eventually takes shape,? size? LOGO, function, material, production color calculation day and set out the most accurate price.-(color, more features and larger size, complex and expensive LOGO.)-less color, size is smaller, the LOGO is simple and cheap. Prices will be product-specific differences (the complexity of graphics; size; the order quantity of the product) and slightly different, please contact us directly!

IV, on delivery?
After your payment, we will for the first time for your shipment according to buyer's order to pay arrangements.
Shipping packaging we all personnel strictly checks the quality of the goods, please rest assured purchase.

Five delivery channels?
Logistics company, FedEx, shipping, air transport.

The six, charged on to sign for the parcel?
Sign Shi please must in front of transport staff of surface, open package check commodity has no damaged, check number whether right, if found has problem are refused signed, or has problem must Dang Express member surface contact we, signed Hou, workers left Hou, occurred of problem, buyers bear, to has a happy of trading, please must implementation! thanks! once sign is considered on commodity has recognized.

Seven, product quality and distinguished method
1; Good product color is bright and evenly; And no matter how complex the patterns; There is more than one color more
Small eyes; The text details such as; Color will not appear blurred or out of place;
2, see four sides, good feather edges will not appear, and smooth, clean and tidy.
3; Product thickness; Good product feels very thick; Smooth and layered; Concave; Like three dimensional stereo
Effects can also appear very realistic; This is in need of professional production line can produce; General
Small plants are not up to this effect.
Dongguan Fu plastic products limited; Located in a ' world factory ' gaobu town, Dongguan city, said the Northern Alliance village industrial zone, the company was first established in 2000, with more than 3,000 square meters factory, is a professional engaged in research and development of soft silicone, and PVC plastic promotional gift, production and sales of private enterprises; Professional for all types of factories, the company provides promotional, advertising gifts and mark-making. Company has 8 Professional glue production line, 10 silicone curing press and various ancillary devices, with professional color engineers and production team have many years of production experience.

Package: A single OPP
Model: jbd001
Specifications: Customer requirements
Trademarks: Fu Sen plastic gifts