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NETSYS wall Wang carry wifi3 Generation 2 Generation 360 USB mini card to receive mobile wireless router

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: NETSYS
  • Model: 360 enhanced version
  • Interface Type: USB 2.0
  • Wireless transmission standard: 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n
  • Wireless transmission speeds: 150Mbps
  • Color: White - (fixed antenna) Black - (detachable antenna) white base plus USB extension cable black USB cradle plus extension cable

Free shipping deals now! Mini USB wireless router 360 Portable WIFI2 behalf of the enhanced version, wall type, external antenna design, power design, beyond the vast majority of market players WIFI, high performance, an upgraded version of the real carry WIFI2 generations can Oh wear two or three walls, whether it is home or office, you do not have to worry about the wall, the phone did not signal the worth you have.


On the portable WIFI device into a networked laptop or desktop computer, a key installation that is emitted WIFI, smart phone, tablet, or other computer can be wireless receiver WIFI Internet access sharing network so simple.

Note: You can only plug in the computer before you can use the phone to connect wifi Internet access, do WIFI transmitter, the first computer to ensure that under normal circumstances the Internet before wireless WIFI sharing.MAC OS system does not support.

After opening set your phone can accept WIFI signal, and indoor Oh, not just where they go with Oh, it explained that 360 players are beyond the small wireless router, an external antenna through the wall super performance, performance and functionality WIFI.
If the company or the family as a fixed IP, firewall restrictions, Internet networks, school networks, web authentication dial or software client authentication (ZTE authentication client dialing, Rui Jie, flash fast) users may not be set WIFI transmitter function, purchase users, please be careful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the supported operating systems?
A: Windows 8, Windows 7 32/64, Windows XP (but Mac os, Vista, Win8.1 system is not currently supported).
2. The ability to support desktop?
Answer: Yes.
3. Under what circumstances might cause more mini portable WiFi is not available?
A: 1. In the campus network client has a network restrictions (you can try to use the cracked version of the client);
2. When the system service item is missing, such as streamlining the system;
4. Computer hibernation, there are WiFi signal it?
A: With wood Netsys portable WiFi 'shared computer networks need to support other devices, so if the computer sleep WiFi will automatically disconnect.
Use WiFi, we recommend that you turn off the computer automatically hibernate mode.
5. Plug the computer does not respond to what is the reason?
A: 1. You may not have to download and install the drivers in www.netsys.com.cn drive, then your portable WiFi into the computer.
2. Check your computer is not connected to the Internet. Portable WiFi need to insert a computer has access to the Internet, and can achieve a network share.
3. Your computer may be using our product does not support the operating system. The operating system specific support, see the first question to answer.
6. The device will radiate it?
A: This product is rigorously tested radiation, comply with national safety standards, and the actual radiation is much smaller than ordinary router, is a low radiation green
Product, ease of use.
7. The signal is not very well how to do?
A: 1. away from the interference power, mobile phones and other devices.
2. Try not to place around the bulky metal objects, so as not to weaken the blocking signal.
3. If you use on a desktop, plug the device into the main chassis front USB port
Desktop metal chassis that could block the signal weakens.
8. If the gateway computer must be static IP and bindings, mac Internet to function properly, it can also play a role U3?
Caution: do not support the use of the Apple Mac os, Win8.1 system does not currently support
If the company is fixed IP, firewall restrictions, Internet networks, school networks, web authentication, or dial-up software client authentication (ZTE authentication client dialing, Rui Jie, fast flash. Megaupload, E letter, DR.COM, iNode, Easy radius (broadband dial-king), Star speed, broadband my world, wing up of broadband, Itanium client supplicant (butterfly)
) Users may be unable to set up WIFI launch function, users buy with caution