Puffing brown rice flour

Puffing brown rice flour

Product description:

All the people to eat whole grains; health and stylish; farewell sub-health; happy and healthy!

Saving a piece of paper; the protection of a tree; take good care of the Earth; happy long long time!

The strength Company strength:

1, Win special company in Guangdong Province, Grade A food business;

2; win special company is a professional; concentrate; loyal puffed cereal powder manufacturer;

3, Win special company is the first domestic product expanded powder QS certification enterprises;

4. Win special company has the longest microwave drying sterilization production line;

5, is the only company to win special puffed cereal flour factory with 100,000 GMP workshop;

6; win special company can best meet customer needs; tailored products to customers;

7; win special company depending on the quality of their life; to become a first-class product; top-notch enterprise;

8, Win special company now is ISO9001 and HACCP certification.

Product Description Product Description:

In selection of high-quality rice as raw materials, according to mesh, expanded degree of customer demand for products, using the world's advanced extrusion equipment, combined with the company's unique technology and win special technical standards for production from brown rice has matured flavor powder products, must Do not add any additives, according to customer requirements, combined with other grains or add Medicinal and Edible raw material in certain proportion to mix puffing powder.

Product Features Features:

1, unique flavor: a natural brown rice maturation unique flavor;

2, healthy nutrition: pure grain products; preservation rate of nutrients; digestible absorption;

3, Taste lubrication: for products improver, can improve product taste and flavor;

4, good water solubility: absorbent; easy to dissolve; absorbent leavening;

5, do all kinds of pure powder or mixed powder according to requirements.

Product packaging Packaging:

PE bags within a sterile, topical simulation kraft paper bags.

Net content of products Net weight:


Product storage Storage:

1. placed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse, avoid direct sunlight, rain, pay attention to moisture;

2. Packaging intact, non-toxic, corrosive, easily contaminated items mixed operation or stacked together.

Shelf Life Shelf life:

Unopened state since the production date six months.

Product Applications Application:

Suitable for health food, nutritional meals, dairy products, cereal beverages, vegetable protein drinks, solid drinks, tea, nutritional drinks, diet foods, convenience foods, baked goods, extruded snacks, whole grains products, snack foods, spices, flavors spices, pasta, pastries, cookies, potato chips and so on.

Product advantages Product superiority:

Commitment to quality: Win special depending on the quality of life, promises 100 percent without adding any additives;

Quality and stability: Win special products for eight years as one for domestic long-term supply of large conglomerates;

Range: Win special products include: cereals; beans; potatoes; nuts; grains category; Diet puffed powder;

Scientific technology;; advanced equipment unique technology; create unique win special brand;: advanced technology

Strict management: win special in strict accordance with ISO9001, HACCP and GMP regulatory requirements for management;

Stringently monitored: Win special products In addition to site supervision and quality control of Commissioners, the whole plant with a full house monitoring.

Product nutrients Nutrient content:

Project / Item

Content / 100 g, Per 100 gram

Energy / Energy


Protein / Protein


Fat / Fat


Dietary fiber / Dietary Fiber


Carbohydrate Carbohydrate


Main items Main project:

Cereal puffing powder: Expanded corn flour; rice flour; black rice; brown rice; glutinous rice flour; red rice, etc.

Beans puffing powder: Expanded skin red bean powder; peeling red bean powder; skin mung bean powder; peeling mung bean flour; soybean powder; black soybean meal; pea powder; lentil flour; Meidou powder

Puffed wheat flour: Expanded oat flour; wheat flour; whole wheat flour; barley flour; bitter buckwheat flour; sweet buckwheat flour; barley flour; wheat germ flour

Nuts puffing powder: Expanded peanut powder; walnut powder; almond powder; Lily flour; jujube powder; chestnut powder

Potato puffing powder: Expanded sweet potato powder; taro powder; yam powder

Cereal puffing powder: Expanded black sesame powder; white sesame powder; flax powder; peanut flour; lotus seed powder; millet powder

Diet extruded powder: puffed barley flour; Mountain powder; Poria powder; jujube powder; wolfberry powder

Nutrition Enhancer complex: vitamin premix, trace mineral premixes, etc.

Nutritious meals Series: Fortified oatmeal; fortified grain black powder; oatmeal brown rice flour; oat buckwheat flour; mung bean mung bean skin powder; red beans, red beans leather powder; wheat germ flour; Poria Yiyiren powder; konjac jujube powder; black grain brown rice powder

Tips Attention:

1, Win special company puffed cereal powder products are completely independent production, without any outsourcing or contract manufacturing.

2, Win special company all product images and descriptions belong to win special Copyright, strongly condemned the blatant misuse, misappropriation.