Extruded maize powder

Extruded maize powder

Product description:

People eat whole grains; Health and fashion; Farewell to health; Happy and healthy!

Saving a piece of paper; Protect a tree; Take good care of the Earth; Happiness forever!

Company Company strength:

1, the winning company is a level enterprise of Guangdong food enterprises;

2; Winning companies is a professional; Concentrate on; Single grain puffing powder manufacturer;

3, win special is the first QS certified company of puffing powder products;

4, win special company has the longest microwave sterilization production line;

5, the winning company is the only grain puffing powder manufacturers have 100,000 GMP workshop;

6; Winning companies can meet customer needs; Tailored products for the customer;

7; Winning company depending on the quality of corporate life; Striving to be the best products; First-class enterprise;

8, win special company is ISO9001 and HACCP certification.

Product description Product Description:

To featured quality corn for raw materials, according to customer products needs of accounts number, expanded degrees, used world advanced of expanded equipment, combined win special company unique of process and technology standard production and into of has curing corn fragrance of powder products, never added any additives, can by customer requirements, auxiliary to added other grain or medicine homologous of raw materials by must proportion preparation into mixed expanded powder.

Product Features:

1, unique aroma: unique smell of corn with natural aging;

2, the health nutrition: pure grain products; Nutrient retention is high; Easily digested and absorbed;

3, lubrication: can be used for product improvement agent, can improve texture and flavor;

4, good water solubility: strong water absorption; Soluble; Water absorption bulk;

5, can do a variety of plain flour or powder according to the requirements.

Product packaging Packaging:

Sterile PE bag inside, packing with simulation of paper bags.

Product net weight Net weight:


Product storage Storage:

1. put it in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse, avoiding direct sunlight, rain, damp;

2. packing, non-toxic, corrosive, pollution items mixed transport or stacked together.

Shelf life Shelf Life products:

Unopened condition 6 months from the production date.

Application scope of Application:

Suitable for health foods, nutrition, dairy, corn syrup, vegetable protein beverage, beverage, tea with milk, nutritional drinks, dietary foods, convenience foods, baked goods, prepared foods, whole grain products, snack foods, spices, flavors and spices, pasta, pastries, cookies, chips, and so on.

Products advantage Product superiority:

Quality commitment: to win depending on the quality of corporate life, promises 100% do not add any additives;

Stable quality: products won an eight-year, long-term supply for several large-scale group company;

Range: winning products include: cereals; Legume; Potato; Nuts; Grains category; Medicinal kind of puffing powder;

Advanced technology: advanced equipment; Science and technology; Unique technology; Build a distinctive brand won;

Management: winning in strict accordance with ISO9001, HACCP and GMP standard requirements management;

Monitor closely: win products production in addition to quality control monitoring, the entire workshop with full CCTV.

Nutrients Nutrient content:


Content per 100 grams, Per 100 gram







Dietary fiber-Dietary Fiber


Carbohydrate Carbohydrate


Main project Main project:

Grain puffing powder: puffed corn flour; Rice flour; Black rice noodles; Brown rice flour; Glutinous rice flour; Red rice

Beans, puffing powder: expanded red bean powder with the skin; Peeling red bean powder; Mung bean powder with the skin; Dehulled mung bean powder; Soybean meal; Black soybean powder; Pea flour; Flat flour; Brow powder

Grain puffing powder: puffed oat flour; Wheat flour; Whole wheat flour; Barley powders; Buckwheat flour; Buckwheat flour; Barley powders; Wheat germ powder

Nut extruded powder: expanding peanut powder; Walnut powder; Almond flour; Lily powder; Jujube powder; Chinese chestnut powder

Extruded potato powder puffing sweet potato flour; Taro powder; Yam powder

Grains puffed powder: puffed Sesame powder; White sesame seed powder; Flax powder; Peanut flour; Lotus seed powder; Small rice noodles

Herbal puffing powder: puffed barley powders; Yam flour; Wolfiporia Cocos powder; Jujube powder; Chinese wolfberry powder

Compound nutrition Enhancer: vitamin premix, trace element premix

Nutrition Series: nutrient-enriched oatmeal; Nutritional fortification of grain black powder; Oats, brown rice flour; Oats, buckwheat flour; Mung bean mung bean powder; Red bean red bean powder; Wheat germ powder; Tuckahoe Coix seed powder; Konjac jujube powder; Black-grain brown rice flour

Warm prompt Attention:

1, win company grain puffing powder products are completely independent, without any outsourcing or contract manufacturing.

2, win all product pictures and introduce a win-all rights reserved, strongly condemning outright fraudulent use, acts of theft.