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Dragons mp3 | Cartoon mp3 PVC soft MP3 | Player | MP3 wholesale | provide a model

Dragons mp3 | Cartoon mp3 PVC soft MP3 | Player | MP3 wholesale | provide a model
  • Dragons mp3 | Cartoon mp3 PVC soft MP3 | Player | MP3 wholesale | provide a model
Product code: 16957400001
Unit price: 23-500 CNY
Reference price: 3.35-72.68 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Recording function: No recording function Screen size: None (inches) Interface: USB 2.0
Features: Cartoon, necklaces Game features: Game features are not supported E-book reader: Does not support e-book
Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can Weight: 30 (g)
Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, opening ceremony, business gifts, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, fairs, wedding, housewarming, birthday, advertising promotions, festivals, awards to commemorate Model: M301 Direct recording function: No direct recording function
Brand: OEM Support audio formats: mp3 Screen color: No screen
Memory capacity: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB FM function: No FM function Life time: 5 (h)

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Provide a model.

1, the offer is bare metal prices, excluding memory chips, excluding packaging accessories;

2, ordinary MP3 publicity

The company can only do in appearance LOGO.MP3 general life is 6--10 years, equal companies spend a money to do a few years of advertising.

Thus, by mouth beer between customer advocacy, more credibility and authenticity, helping to increase the amount of customers it can be described as, a purchase, life-long service.

3, advertising U disk

Having a common U disk function, the following two kinds of functions can be selected:

1, the website U disk reader pre-stored in a business website URL, with any common U disk function, when the site U disk reader into the computer's USB port.

The computer will now automatically enter the business website URL (for example: IRD web site, the insurance company website, hotel website, customs websites, school websites, automotive Web site.

Supermarket site, industrial and mining sites and other sites ..).

2, insert the MP3 to your computer, the first to play some FLASH ads or related pictures, slides, etc.

4. Product advantages:

1) high-tech products popular 2) can be any MP3 appearance 3) very affordable 4) unexpected way into a specific site 5) vast market potential.

5, Application:

1) promotional gifts 2) professional sales tool 3) online market research 4) online product catalog 5) new members, new students online recruiting 6) online products, policies and regulations publicity

7) an important moment gift commemorative gifts.

Product Quality aphorisms:

1. Product quality is the life, the quality of work is staff positions.

2. sincere people-oriented, innovative first fight, excellent transcendental

3. Today there is no quality, no sales tomorrow!

4. People-oriented, quality do group, business building from the ground!

5. First-class staff made first-class products!

6. The product is money, and the quality of life, not money, not lives

7. The character to the product, quality is the quality

8. Quality first, production second

9. The market is the sole criterion for testing products

10. Quality reflects literacy, literacy determines the quality, the quality of life decision

11. The quality into the blood, with a successful career Collectibles

12. Design is the source of quality, and quality is a guarantee of success

13. The technology-driven, quality and development

14. The character to the product, the quality of decision quality, success depends on details

15. In the next step of the service process, responsible for the product; the next step of the process supervision for quality control

16. Quality is politics, quality of life, quality is the value

17. The process control, excellence, a good, zero defects

18. behavior is a result of consciousness, and the quality is the result of acts

19. quantitative to qualitative change requires a long process of evolution, quantitative qualitative change into just a small step

20. not happen no fault of the product, it is the quality of the minds of consumers.

21. Quality not test out, but produced!

22. The quality is the best guarantee of maintaining customer loyalty

23. High quality is the last word!

24. Quality is the foundation of their long-term survival of the enterprise competition amnesty