Patent speaker | Hamburg for me | mini speaker | for me | Hamburg speaker | Gift speaker | provide a model

Patent speaker | Hamburg for me | mini speaker | for me | Hamburg speaker | Gift speaker | provide a model

Product description:

Rated voltage: 5 (V) Cabinet Material: Plastic Item: 001
Distortion: 0.3 (%) Speaker species: HIFI speaker Audio categories: Speaker
SNR: 85 (db) Rated power: 3 (W) Model: G1
Speakers structure: Hifi on the box Impedance: 4 (Ω) Speaker Interface: AES / EBU input
Brand: Tarsier Rated frequency: 160-16K (HZ)

This product wholesale 100 onwards, not the retail, wants to buy the complex

Hamburg mini speaker for me to box speaker hamburger speaker gift speaker patents provide a model Diamond Bluetooth speaker speaker speaker factory

1, using a spiral shape design concept, strong dynamic, highly personalized

2, the expandable resonance cavity (increase sound chamber resonance space) design, playback
Gassho light rotation to open the resonance cavity expansion, immediately increasing the sound chamber resonance space
Room enhanced low-frequency output, do not use the palms of light expanded co-rotating Close
Ming cavity volume immediately becomes smaller, easily into a pocket.

3, built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery, multiple circuit protection.
And through the USB port can be repeated charging, outdoor continuous support for playback
Room for up to 6 hours or more.

4, Box portable magnetic coupling technology, through the speaker magnet implanted inside the body.
The two cabinet closely integrated, easy to carry.

5, built-in single pull, no external lines, easy to use and collection.

6, with USB interface, audio data via USB 3.5 transfer cable can be connected to the phone.
MP3, MP4, MP5, iPhone, iPad laptops and other digital devices easier to use.

7. Dimensions 100mm x 52mm

8. Super compact design

9. catamaran shell design, high-end fashion

10. with iphone, ipad and other smart phones with the use, watching movies, playing games is a real treat!

11. Built-in lithium battery; DC 2.0 charging port design

Excellent sound. Light and compact. Flexible and versatile speaker in one hand and in hand


Providing the best stereo sound

Noise canceling microphone

Providing superior fidelity sound

Passive radiator subwoofer

Use the included mini-USB charging cable for charging

Play up to 5 hours of rechargeable batteries