Hamburg Speaker | gift speaker

Hamburg Speaker | gift speaker

Product description:

Rated voltage: 5 (V) Cabinet Material: Plastic Item No: BT001
Distortion: 0.3 (%) Speaker species: HIFI speaker Audio categories: Speaker
SNR: 85 (db) Rated power: 3 (W) Model: G1
Speakers structure: Hifi on the box Impedance: 4 (Ω) Speaker Interface: AES / EBU input
Brand: Tarsier Rated frequency: 160-16K (HZ)

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Sophisticated new look - Striking design and shining gloss UV shell glorified, Seiko secret agents speakers emit a strong dynamic fashion elements.
Leading digital drive technology - With high-tech digital circuit; clear sound; small distortion; strong dynamic
Attentive to detail nursing ho - Easy to carry anywhere, anytime to share with friends MP3, MP4, notebook computers, Walkman where beautiful music, making friends has become so easy to do in Chongsheng emotions.
play time:
Up to 6-8 hours
Basic parameters:
Speakers: Φ36-4Ω-2W Power Source: 3.8V / 280mAH
Working current: 200MA Output power: 2.2W
Frequency Response: 100Hz-20KHz SNR: 92dB or greater
1. Connect the speakers to the audio output interface;
2. Open the speaker switch;
3. Volume adjustment can listen via MP3, MP4, notebook computers, desktop computers and portable volume regulator control.
4. Speaker Charging: connect to the PC (laptop or desktop) or using a mobile phone charger via the USB port, when the light on the Beatles speakers from red to green, charging is completed, you can use about 6 to 8 hours.