Monster s10 Bluetooth audio

Monster s10 Bluetooth audio

Product description:

Monster Bluetooth speaker stereo with Bluetooth card calls Bluetooth speaker

Mobile phones, computers and other devices connected stereo Bluetooth output:
You can connect Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth magic sound output device, you can achieve wireless play
1) Set the mode switch to Bluetooth mode, then Monster will slow down after flashing blue lights
2) Tap the Play / Pause multifunction key, then the magic sound red and blue lights flash alternately
3) use mobile phones, computers and other Bluetooth devices search for and find the magic sound and pairing password 0000, long bright blue light after successful pairing. For some devices, you can set the phone to automatically connect, etc., so you can skip the 23 paired again step

Wired connection to the standard 3.5-output devices:
You can be the magic sound Bluetooth speaker with ordinary 3.5 output device (MP3 MP4 PC TV Radio 3.5 headphone jack mobile phones, each brand has a different phone compatibility) for a wired connection, make magic sound become a common desktop audio
1) Please mode switch to LINE (wired)
2) Proper connection cable

Key Description:
1) to the left: Press and hold: volume down, short press: on a
2) to the right: Press and hold: increase volume, short press: next track
3) Multi-key: Short press: play / pause / receive (incoming call) / end / pair, double-tap: quickly set aside on the phone inside an Hu a number, press and hold for three seconds (be sure to pay attention to when you call is three seconds too long no effect) to reject a call