Custom advertising cap child hat custom | custom baseball cap embroidered hats

Custom advertising cap child hat custom | custom baseball cap embroidered hats

Product description:

Custom advertising cap child hat custom baseball cap embroidered hat custom

Aryl Ning Headwear - Chinese professional advertising cap, baseball cap custom manufacturers

The company specializes in all kinds of custom advertising cap, baseball cap, travel cap, cap and other services, according to customer requirements and printed or embroidered, please call to discuss. Large price advantages.

1. Price: 3 yuan -30 yuan per the custom number; technology content; grade Pricing

2. Fabric: High cotton lengthened visor, up to 10 centimeters.

Specification 1: Medium thickness (108 * 58), cotton advertising cap, porous plastic adjusting belt

Specification 2: thick sanding (most high-end) (7 * 10), sandwich visor; embroidered eyelets; cotton belt adjustment

3. The printing / embroidery: to map custom, only use environmentally friendly water-based slurry, mortar, thermosetting ink discharge, high-precision digital, screen printing, bronzing, hot silver, luminous, flocking and other technology printed pattern. soft, breathable natural, no crack, hard fade, color precision performance, to overcome other printing process fade, stiff, cracks and other shortcomings.

4. Often color:.... White, black, red, yellow, orange, etc., can be customized, but time is slightly longer.

5. Delivery time: 500 or less 1-5 days 3-7 days more than 1000 (except for special colors and styles)

6. Original Format: Color pictures hot flowers; screen printing; embroidered words; three-dimensional embroidery

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