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Filler-micro-micro-electrolysis electrolysis equipment

Filler-micro-micro-electrolysis electrolysis equipment
  • Filler-micro-micro-electrolysis electrolysis equipment
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Iron-carbon fillers [xiaoshougongsi]

Weifang puyinwo-run environmental protection science and technology limited company is the largest iron-carbon fillers (also known as micro-electrolysis and filler) well-known producers, its strictly product quality through professional and technical personnel, has not compacted, low-loss, high strength, high efficiency, using waiting time unique advantages.

Iron-carbon fillers and ferric-carbon micro-electrolysis technology basics-

1, what is micro-electrolysis: micro-electrolysis using iron carbon and weak current of the spontaneous decomposition of pollutants in wastewater from a sewage treatment process. When close contact of iron and carbon, soak in a solution of water, when automatically in the iron atoms and molecules of carbon atoms to produce a weak current, this micro-current decomposition reactions of pollutants in wastewater by micro-electrolysis.
2, advantages: applies range wide, processing effect good, cost low, operation maintenance convenient, not need consumption power resources, reaction speed fast, processing effect stable, not caused II times pollution, improve wastewater of can biochemical sex, can reached chemical precipitation except p, can through restore except heavy metal, also can as biological processing of Qian processing, conducive to sludge of settlement and biological hanging film.
3, treated carbon where: carbon is not in the form of large particles exist in the packed, but in the form of very small, with the consumption of iron-carbon in the reaction are constantly shedding, and backward small carbon adsorption flocculation and precipitation of pollutants into the sedimentation tank.
4, what does not need replacement packing: iron and carbon are also consumed, packing ratio of iron and carbon that will never change, so packing consumption is changing, rather than qualitative changes. So with the consumption of filler just add new filler can.
(Iron-carbon micro-electrolysis packing characteristics of rules)-Weifang puyinwo-run environmental protection technology co., Ltd. Central role of iron-carbon fillers is breaking the chain, reducing COD, remove color and improve the biodegradability, one amazing phenomenon of the broken chain.

(Iron-carbon fillers) quality first, preferential prices. Weifang puyinwo-run environmental protection technology, Ltd warmly welcome new and old customers to visit, a sincere desire to work together with people from all walks of, create a better home for clean air and water, make a better home for generations. Iron-carbon packing the largest manufacturers ' puyinwo run green ' confidence:
(1) can be any micro-electrolysis with home packing manufacturers ' challenge '!
(2) cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises, and have been working together forever!
(3) only 1050 degrees!
(4) the only customer of our 1.5 hours without added fillers!
(5) high-quality staff and highly-skilled engineers and high talent leaders make you feel our confidence!
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