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LED dual lithium headlights

LED dual lithium headlights
  • LED dual lithium headlights
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The latest United States Corey CREE R6 LED dual lithium headlights

LED light source of US imports Corey double lithium headlights

6000mAH capacity lithium battery; continuous illumination 12-18 hours; light - low light two tranches of control; large-caliber 80mm aluminum reflector cup


The main role

We in the night time, if a flashlight, a hand will not be vacant, so there is no way to meet unforeseen circumstances timely manner so. A good headlamp is our time to have a walk at night . By the same token, when we camped at night, wear headlamps can make our hands be idle doing more things.


Outdoor supplies, applicable to all kinds of places. Is essential in our outdoor camp through the night and when the supplies.)

When you are performing the following work, headlights might play a role:


Hand Alpenstock

Campfire care

In the attic to rummage items

Staring to see the depths of your motorcycle engine

In your tent reading

Explore caves

Night walk

Running at night

Disaster Emergency light

Model: JQ-78 (l two batteries) upgraded version, fully waterproof

Power: 5W

Headlight diameter 80mm, inner diameter 78MM light cup

Imported US CREE LED chips; white; yellow; blue optional

Waterproof test: high sealing strength, excellent waterproof performance, it can be used normally in the heavy rain.

The main technical parameters:

1. Battery standard voltage 4v

2. Built-in two high-quality imported lithium batteries

3. Continuous lighting time: more than 4 hours of continuous light, low light more than 8 hours

4. Light beads: using imported LED chip

5. Reflector: aluminum alloy; light and soft; condenser; better reflective effect

6. Switch: light, low light two tranches

7. Shell material: high quality ABS material, durable

8. Charging time 8-10 hours

9. Parts List: body lights; charger; headlights tape; packaging; 60 / piece