Halogen quartz heating tubes

Halogen quartz heating tubes

Product description:

Halogen heating tube is a sealed light-emitting heat pipe; filled with a halogen element; can effectively guarantee electricity

Hot filament life. Full compliance with GB / T241993 Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products, and GB4706.1-19921 household and similar electrical appliances General requirements and passed the ISO9001-2000, SGS and other aspects of the certification.
1, stable electrical performance, electric power stability, fast heating, electric conversion rate of 70%.
2, high thermal efficiency, heating is not oxidized, the service life up to 3000 hours, safe and reliable.
3, light is emitted when the visible and near-infrared light-based work, more than 84% concentrated in 0.75μm ~ 3.5μm region.
It can be widely used in electric heaters, Yuba, far infrared sauna room, sauna room, oven, dryer, frying pan, toaster, beauty equipment, far infrared therapy equipment, such as industry, agriculture, civilian areas of air heating .

Operating voltage: 110V ~ 380V

Power: 200W ~ 3000W

Size: (Φ8 ~ Φ16) mm X (160 ~ 1000) mm

Tube type: straight pipe, pipe (round pipe; pear-shaped tube; ring-tube; U-tube shaped tubes)

Quality Control: Internal strict control Packing: Carton, sponge, bubble bags, cardboard, wooden boxes, according to need support.

Transportation: old customers or purchases more than the minimum amount; Guangzhou; Shenzhen and Foshan home delivery; the other depending on the circumstances

Service: inspection by the Company, such as quality problems, will give a written report to correct the damage and replacement products.