In Boni Long conveyor NN100-400

In Boni Long conveyor NN100-400

Product description:

Nylon conveyor belt


Nylon conveyor belt body has a thin, high strength, impact resistance, good performance, interlayer adhesion strength, excellent flex and long service life, for the next long-distance, high -speed load conditions transport of materials .

3 varieties
According cover properties divided into common type, heat-resistant, flame-type, cold type, acid type, oil type.
4. Specifications
( 1 ) with core material : NN100; NN150; NN200; NN300; NN400
( 2 ) Bandwidth : 100mm-1600mm
( 3 ) fabric layers : 2-8 layers
( 4 ) plastic cover : Face : 1.5-8mm non-face : 0mm-4.5mm

Price is the reference price, ex-factory price, different sizes, different price unit : m