In Bobo-like conveyer belt full range

In Bobo-like conveyer belt full range

Product description:


1. Introduction (general-steep corrugated sidewall conveyor belt)
Large angle corrugated wall with the baseband, ribs, transverse ribs separator 3 parts to prevent the material from the measured scattered slippery for ease of bypassing the role of the drum, the stall corrugated edge design;.. Action is transverse bulkhead supporting material, in order to achieve large transmission angle, using T-TC type. file edges and transverse bulkhead is secondary vulcanization method connected with the baseband with high bonding strength
Product Features (general-steep corrugated sidewall conveyor belt):
1, increasing the delivery angle (30 to 90 degrees);
2; small footprint; less investment;
3; large transport; lifting height higher;
4, from horizontal to inclined (or vertical) can be a smooth transition;
5; suitable transport easily spilled powdered; granular; small block; paste and liquid-like material;
6, low energy consumption, simple structure, high tape strength, long service life.

3 varieties
According cover properties divided into common type, heat-resistant, flame-type, cold type, acid type, oil type.
4. Specifications
(1) with core material: CC-56; NN100; NN150; NN200; NN300; NN400
(2) Bandwidth: 100mm-2200mm
(3) cloth layer: 2-10 layer
(4) plastic cover: Face: 1.5-8mm non-face: 0mm-4.5mm

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Note: The price for the reference price Price unit: per meter