Various types of endless conveyor belt CC / NN / EP

Various types of endless conveyor belt CC / NN / EP

Product description:

Endless conveyor belt Means the production process has been made ​​non- joint conveyor Endless conveyor belt Its strong joints with a core body strength can reach 90% of the tape, the tape surface no obvious defects in joints, therefore, tape transport balance, the use of small elongation . Endless conveyor belt With a core with high-quality cotton or cotton mixed dimensional canvas, usually 2-6 layer or as a strong layer NN-200 nylon canvas ( or polyester canvas .) The company may need to produce a suitable length, width and thickness according to the customer ordinary type, heat-resistant (≤120oC), cold-type (not less than -40oC), acid -type, high temperature type ( not higher than 150oC) and sanitary Endless conveyor belt .

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