A variety of models roller TD75, DTII

A variety of models roller TD75, DTII

Product description:

Roller Group: Category idlers of the company's full, using a wide range of excellent quality with all kinds of points trough idlers, various parallel roller group, various types of self-aligning roller group, various buffer Torr. rolls Press material into the rubber roller, ceramic roller, nylon roller and insulating roller whose size TD75 type belt conveyor can meet the installation requirements, special circumstances may indicate the size of the order. trough roller common type roller, forward roller type, quick-change roller bearing type, hanging type roller, triplex roller, roller reversible, variable groove angle roller, roller transition type, V-type roller and the like; parallel roller common type roller, comb-type roller, forward-type roller, steel rubber roller type, screw-type roller and the like; aligning roller has a general-purpose, friction reversible roller, strong type roller, tapered roller, screw-type roller, combination roller and the like; buffer roller spring plate roller, roller cushion ring type, strong buffer type roller, roller adjustable elastic type, hanging type roller, etc. Advanced various types of rollers structure, reliable performance, roll paper timber carefully selected, high-quality special pipe, there are strict tolerance requirements. shaft materials used drawing bar, using high-quality bearing steel stamping, sealing structure using PDC, triple Road seal, dustproof, waterproof properties are better than national standards. After the assembled roller strength to beat by a small amount, small rotational resistance, light weight, low power consumption, long life, generally more than 30,000 hours.

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