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TD75 Belt Conveyor

TD75 Belt Conveyor
  • TD75 Belt Conveyor
  • TD75 Belt Conveyor
  • TD75 Belt Conveyor
  • TD75 Belt Conveyor
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Unit price: 10000-20000 CNY
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TD75 type fixed belt conveyor is a general-purpose transport equipment, widely used in building materials, chemicals, coal, electricity, metallurgy and other departments, a variety of bulk transport bulk density of 6.5 ~ 2.5t / m3 of granular, powdered and other loose-like material, can also be used for adult goods transport.
I produced the TD75 type belt conveyor to optimize and update the original TD75 type, based on the older series has advanced arguments, variety, reasonable structure, large volume, high climbing ability, advanced technology, low operating costs, easy maintenance etc., and easy to implement transportation system automation.
I. Features
I produced the TD75 type belt conveyor is a general-purpose products, mainly cotton canvas, nylon or polyester canvas conveyor belt entrainment member as a continuous delivery device can be widely used to transport all kinds of bulk materials into items. Working environment temperature is generally -250C ~ + 400C, there are special requirements for the workplace, such as heat, cold, explosion-proof, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, acid, water and other conditions take appropriate protective measures.
TD75 type belt conveyor Press series design, the selection process can be carried out according to the terrain and road conditions in different selection design calculations, assembled into the machine. Its flexible layout pattern.
Second, the main parameters (common specifications design range)
1 bandwidth: B = 500 650 800 1000 1200 1400
2, with strong: cotton canvas 56N / mm layer; nylon polyester tape: 100 ~ 300Nmm prevention
3, belt speed: V = 0.3 0.5 0.8 1.0 1.25 1.6 2.0 2.5
3.15 4.0m / s
4, the maximum transmission capacity:
B500: Qmax = 232t / h (r = 1.0t / m3 C = 1.0 P = 300)
B650: Qmax = 390t / h (r = 1.0t / m3 C = 1.0 P = 300)
B800: Qmax = 824t / h (r = 1.0t / m3 C = 1.0 P = 300)
B1000: Qmax = 1233t / h (r = 1.0t / m3 C = 1.0 P = 300)
B1200: Qmax = 2202t / h (r = 1.0t / m3 C = 1.0 P = 300)
B1400: Qmax = 2996t / h (r = 1.0t / m3 C = 1.0 P = 300)
Third, the device performs standards and norms
I produced the belt conveyor design; manufacturing; packaging; transport; storage; acceptance is mainly related to the following standards; specifications and requirements; but not limited to:
Conveyor GB10595 Technical conditions
ISO5048-1979 Continuous mechanical handling equipment, has cut roller bearing belt transmission
Send running power and tension calculation
GB987 conveyor basic parameters and dimensions
GB11345 weld manual ultrasonic testing methods and testing results analysis
GB1184 shape and position tolerances
GB985 gas welding, manual arc welding gas protection weld groove
The basic types and dimensions.
GB / T1804 General tolerances for linear dimensions without individual tolerance
GB3767 measured sound power levels of noise sources
GB4323 elastic sleeve pin coupling
GB5014 flexible pin gear coupling
GB5015 flexible pin gear coupling linking
GB5272 plum-shaped flexible coupling
GB / T5837 fluid coupling type and basic parameters
GB5677 steel castings ray camera film classification method
GB6333 cable hydraulic brake blocks
GB6402 steel, forgings longitudinal wave ultrasonic flaw detection method
GB7984 general-purpose fabric conveyor belt
GB10882 general purpose flame retardant conveyor belt
ZBJ19009 cylindrical gear reducer general technical conditions
JB2647 conveyor Packaging Technology Conditions
JB8 product label
GB755 motor technology requirements
GB4208 enclosure protection classification
JB / ZQ8013-88 conveyor product quality grading
TJ231 (D) -78 mechanical equipment installation construction and acceptance
GB / T13792-92 conveyor roller with welded steel pipe
Standard of noise at boundary of industrial enterprises GB12348
Q / TJ02-93 conveyor Packaging Technology Conditions
Q / TJ05-95 conveyor roller
Q / TJ04-95 conveyor idlers
Q / TJ12-96 Z series scraper cleaning products standard
Q / PD08-99 metal structures Welding Code
Q / PD10-99 product topcoat color specified criteria
Fourth, the equipment composition before
1, the conveyor belt: the entrainment and carrier material master member, use cotton canvas, polyester canvas or nylon canvas belt tension according to the size of the selection of the other components of the conveyor belt designed to meet the strong requirements, coupled conveyor according to different working conditions Conditions can be mechanical joints, cold glue joints, vulcanized joints, use flexible.
2, the drive unit: the drive for short-range low-power single drive can be electric drum, power range 1.1KW ~ 55KW, roll straight through Φ320 ~ Φ1000, ambient temperature does not exceed + 400C can also be used if necessary outside-mounted roller. The outer drive usually motor, reducer, high speed shaft coupling, low-speed shaft coupling drive unit composed, if necessary, can be fluid coupling, brake, backstop and other motor power range from 1.1KW ~ 315KW, General protection class IP44, outdoor use IP54, ambient temperature is -250C ~ 400C, special occasions to be determined. matching other pieces of gear couplings are per selection when the factory assembly into the drive unit supply, in order to facilitate installation and adjustment.
3, drum groups: sub-group and the driving drum bend drum set, the drive roller is to pass major pieces of power, there are smooth roller set, plastic surface, plastic surface shapes can be divided into smooth plastic, rubber and diamond herringbone rubber, to adapt to different process requirements. bend pulley into smooth plastic surface and the light steel structure is divided into two kinds of roller press light, medium and heavy-duty series. All the cylinder with integral piece bearing, grease lubrication. roller shaft material with 45 steel , housings are cast iron castings, cylinder welded pieces reasonable roller structure, convenient selection, reliable performance and long service life under normal conditions of use of up to 5 to 10 years maintenance-free.
4, roller Group: Category idlers I produced the whole, using a wide range of excellent quality with all kinds of sub-trough idlers, various parallel roller group, all types of self-aligning roller group, all types. buffer roller set its size TD75 type belt conveyor can meet the installation requirements, special circumstances may indicate the size of the order. trough roller common type, forward type, quick-change bearing type, hanging type, variable groove angle , transition type, V type and so on; parallel roller common type, comb type, forward type, steel glue-type, screw type, etc; aligning roller has a general-purpose, friction reversible type, strong type, conical, spiral , combination and the like; buffer roller spring plate, the cushion ring type, strong buffer type, adjustable elastic type, hanging type.
All kinds of advanced roller structure, reliable performance, roll paper timber carefully selected, high-quality special pipe, there are strict tolerance requirements. Shaft materials used drawing bar, using high-quality bearing steel stamping, sealing structure using PDC type, three seals, dustproof, waterproof properties are better than national standards. After the assembled roller strength to beat by a small amount of rotation resistance is small, light weight, low power consumption, long life, generally more than 30,000 hours.
5, Sweepers: This series has a spring cleaning cleaning, air cleaning device segment, combined with conditions of use and user feedback, the company developed a new patent again sweeper - scraper cleaning, sweeping the series has a good cleaning effect, high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, long life, blade material having self-lubricating properties, not to hurt the tape, its compact structure, easy maintenance, and other characteristics adjustable clamping force. The other for user selection Also alloy cleaner, cleaner hammer, reversible cleaning, rotating brush cleaner and the like.
6, three parts: the series of three components (such as headgear; tailstock; intermediate frame; leg; funnel; shields, etc.) manufacturing company are high-quality steel, and steel shot after pre-treatment process, Bracket welding processes meet standards, mainly due to pull parts of the testing and inspection.
7, noise control: Noise device is running less than GB10595-890 (conveyor technical conditions) requirements, and comply with other relevant national standards on noise requirements.
8. Paint: Paint equipment meet the requirements of GB10595-89 surface, in addition to the roller and paint roller working surface layer of paint, the rest of the surface layers before leaving the factory paint primer, two finish after installation because the user Reapply one level. paint. Paint using advanced types of paint, and can be adapted to local environmental conditions.
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