Bo variety of models common conveyor belt

Bo variety of models common conveyor belt

Product description:

Strength conveyor belt (transportation equipment) manufacturer Is specialized in producing conveyor and transportation machinery manufacturers, low prices and high quality. Can produce different specifications according to customer demand for conveyor belts and transport machinery and equipment products. The company's existing products include conveyor belt, transmission bend pulley series , roller series, electric drum series, stent lug belt conveyors and other ancillary products.

ordinary conveyor
1, the product is made of cotton canvas (CC) or dimensional interwoven dip cotton canvas (VC) by rolling, forming, curing and other refining processes.
2; the product is suitable for conveying non-corrosive no spikes bulk at room temperature; granular; various materials powder; such as coal; coke; gravel; cement and other bulk material (material) or as items.
3, the product to adapt to different conditions require the use can be made of wrapping style, different structures open side of the formula, the ladder, side ladder and so on.

Cotton canvas conveyor

Cotton canvas the warp and weft are made of cotton fiber is woven, low elongation, good adhesion. Small deformation under high temperature conditions, for shorter distances, transport volume smaller occasions, the conveyor belt is made Cotton conveyor belt to upgrade the quality of products, the tensile body with the warp and weft Ying Wei blended cotton fibers interwoven, performance is better than cotton conveyor belt, especially the belt body is thinner, lighter, impact performance greatly improve suitable for short distance transportation of materials under moderate load conditions.

3 varieties
According cover properties divided into common type, heat-resistant, flame-type, anti-burning type, acid type, oil type.
4. Specifications
(1) with a core material: cotton weaving pay TC-70 type, cotton canvas CC-56 type
(2) Bandwidth: 100mm-1600mm
(3) cloth layer: 1-10 layer
(4) plastic cover: Face: 1.5-9mm non-face: 0mm-4.5mm

5; prices quoted excluding tax; free shipping; Unit: m