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Ceramic Conveyor Belts | High Quality

Ceramic Conveyor Belts | High Quality
  • Ceramic Conveyor Belts | High Quality
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1. Conveyor Roller Description

Conveyor rollers are to be used for belt conveyor system which conyeys bulk materials such as ores, cement, sand, earth, crushed stones, grain and cereals , paper manufacturing materials and so on. We manufacture high quality conveyor rollers under standards of DT II of china and JIS of Japan by fully automated manufacturing facilities exclusively designed by our own technology.

2. Conveyor Rollers types

Our company is able to produce a variety of carrying rollers, with a wide serviceable range and excellent quality. Including troughing rollers, parallel supporting rollers, self aligning rollers, and snub rollers. And based on the different material, the supporting rollers are divided into the rubber roller, porcelain roller, nylon roller and insulating roller.

3. Conveyor Rollers feature

The shaft is made of the cold drawn round steel, the bearing seat is made of the stamped steel plate of high quality, the seal structure is PDC, with three sealing devices, and the performances in terms of dust prevention and water resistance are superior to those specified in national standard. After assembling, the rollers are characterized by the high strength, small radical play eccentricity, small resistance to rotation, light weight, low energy consumption, long service life of more than 30000 hours.

4. Conveyor Roller Diameter: Φ60~Φ194

Conveyor Roller Length: 124L~2500L

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