Endless Conveyor Belt 02

Endless Conveyor Belt 02

Product description:

1, Endless Conveyor Belt Description
Endless conveyor belt is conveyor belt without joint. . The feature of endless conveyor belt is that there is no joint in belt carcass, so that the endless conveyor belt shall not be shortened in service life due to early failure in the joints of the belt, the endless conveyor beltis flat in surface and even in tension, thus it runs smoothly with low elongation.

2, Endless Conveyor Belt application

Endless conveyor belt is suitable for using in mini-medium belt conveyor. Endless conveyor belt doesn't need to connect the tape on the spot, just put the belt into rooler, and the endless conveyor belt runs, saving time.

Material of belt core



Total thickness

Endless conveyor belt





Our company is provide conventional type , heat resistant type (≤120℃) , cold resistant type (no less than 40℃) , acid & alkali resistant type, high temperature resistant type (no more than150℃) and hygiene type endless conveyor belt according to the length, width and thickness required by client.