Side Wall Conveyor Belt

Side Wall Conveyor Belt

Product description:

1, Product Description
Side wall conveyor belt is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials in a confined Space, the economy is achieved by single belt operation, wide range material can be handled, less space requirement, no transfer point, low maintenance and big capacity. Corrugated sidewall belt can be designed into a set of complete transportation system according to application.

2, Base Belt Structure: (Side Wall Conveyor Belt)
Four parts: Top cover rubber; Bottom cover rubber; Reinforced core; Cross rigid.

3, Side Wall Conveyor Belt Specification :

(1) Material of belt core: Cotton, Nylon, EP or Steel Cord .
CC-56; NN100; NN150; NN200; NN300; NN400

(2) Side Wall Conveyor Belt Width: : 100mm-2200mm

(3) Layer of cloth; layer from 2 to 10

(4) Side Wall Conveyor Belt Cover rubber; top side: 1.5-8mm bottom side: 0mm-4.5mm

The standard meets with GB/ T7984-2001.

4, Side Wall Conveyor Belt Type :

It is divided into the conventional type ; heat resistant type; and flame resistant type; cold resistant type; acid & alkali resistant type; and oil resistant type according to the performance of the cover rubber

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