Cotton Conveyor Belts | Common Conveyor Belts

Cotton Conveyor Belts | Common Conveyor Belts

Product description:

1, Rubber Conveyor Belt Description

Rubber conveyor belt is the most commonly used powered conveyors because rubber conveyor belt is the most versatile and least expensive. Jiujiu Conveyor Belt Co. , Ltd uses only the highest quality premium belting products, which reduces belt stretch and results in less maintenance for tension adjustments.

Rubber conveyor belt can be used to transport product in a straight line or through changes in elevation or direction. Jiujiu Conveyor Belt Co. , Ltd offers a Full Line of rubber conveyor belt.

2, Rubber Conveyor Belt Feature:

1, Rubber conveyor belt is made of CC or VC through calendering, forming, vulcanization etc.

2, Rubber conveyor belt is applicable to conveying a variety of the non-corrodible, lumpy, pulverous products, such as coal, coke, sandstone, and cement in bulk or in package.

3, Rubber conveyor belt is adaptable to different service conditions, it may be made into different structures, such as edge folded belt, open edge belt, mid ladder shaped belt, side ladder shaped belt.

At present, our price for rubber conveyor belt is very reasonable.

If you have any requirements regarding it, please feel free to contact us.

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