Clothing draping mannequin model board room dedicated pin fitting body mannequins GB cloth Model

Clothing draping mannequin model board room dedicated pin fitting body mannequins GB cloth Model

Product description:

Quality Grade: Excellence in goods Model Material: FRP (FRP) Whether the inventory: No
For the crowd: Adult Model Costumes model types: the human body to cut the model Brand: Manwen
Applicable Gender: Female Origin: Guangzhou Style: mannequin model

Guangzhou Manwen board room model with a high starting point, high-quality, new models, low-cost strong into the market, and the trend of the evolution of time insight into the initiative, move faster to launch a variety of styles with a personalized, fashion-oriented products. The fiberglass and resin imported Division garment board room model imported, durable, standard size, easy to pin, scalable shoulder, shelves can lift the same time can offer customer-made size, also We can provide customers change codes, grading services, the precise size, perfect shape, clothing draping and clothing design the system board is an important part of the design performance of the method. It can visually reproduce plate, and also to provide accurate system board data. In other words, clothing draping and system board is to make fashion design works perfectly reproduce the performance of the most powerful means to achieve world famous clothing master spread ancient classical works and both are used to cut the way to the performance.

Specifications: on request, please provide the size table

Payment: 30% deposit, the balance payment and delivery

color: white

Material: fiberglass + sponge cloth

Quality: durability over 10 years; unlimited slant needle; retractable shoulder

Packing: square carton packaging bubble bags + + there are broken sea cotton / EPE / vacuum bag

Base: brackets

Maintenance: use a clean, damp cloth mop, avoid collision

Delivery: Guangzhou city door-to-door, outside the city on behalf of the shipping company could be invited to the country (to mention pay the freight)

Invites municipal agents, distributors to join and win-win marketing one enterprise: Guangzhou Manwen show supplies factory specializing in the production: light model; matte model; color model; plating model; the board cut model