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Female upper body | body garment draping garment pin board room mannequin GB 160 / 84A model

Female upper body | body garment draping garment pin board room mannequin GB 160 / 84A model
  • Female upper body | body garment draping garment pin board room mannequin GB 160 / 84A model
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For the crowd: Adult Model Costumes model types: the human body to cut the model Brand: Manwen
Quality Grade: Excellence in goods Model Material: FRP (FRP) Apply a gender: Neutral / both men and women
Whether the inventory: No

I plant a professional design team and staff, and production of various sizes stretching planted shoulder cut models, fashion show model factory from the material, mold, materials, press, gongs, grinding, system, spraying, packing and others have the person responsible for checks, skilled rigorous, some materials are still imported materials, glass fiber, and non-toxic, do not fade, can wipe senior environmental paint, using nanotechnology to protect the surface of the product to make it more high temperature, anti-scratch, waterproof, antifouling according to your needs (size; posture; modeling). Various color or effects processing tailored products, but also according to customer requirements.
Excellent quality products, superb technology, sophisticated equipment, strong technical force, humane management model so that it has a loyal and dedicated, professional team together, combined with the industry's leading integrated logistics and distribution, service center, with convenient and unobstructed speed service in the rest of the world-renowned brand, and is currently growing stronger.
Customer base around the world well-known clothing brands, the world famous department stores as a target, by the user trust and love. Now has successfully become a vast number of models racks props brand clothing manufacturers designated, and was widely praised at home and abroad of Company Yuanyuguangtai new and old customers and all passengers colleagues to join hands in creating brilliant tomorrow.
I plant in the 'master of the times - creating trend - hipsters, the quality of survival, in order to improve and promote development, reputation first' entrepreneurial spirit and to meet customer demand as the goal, to improve customer satisfaction for the purpose of brand through our requirements: sincere others, integrity and pragmatic clothing draping and clothing design the system board is an important part of the design performance and intuitive method can reproduce the plate, but also provide accurate data for the system board that is to say... clothing draping and system board is to make fashion design works perfectly reproduce the performance of the most powerful means to achieve world famous clothing master spread ancient classical works and both are used to cut the way to the performance.

Specifications: on request, please provide the size table
Payment: 30% deposit, the balance payment and delivery
color: white
Material: fiberglass + sponge cloth
Quality: durability over 10 years; unlimited slant needle; retractable shoulder
Packing: square carton packaging bubble bags + + there are broken sea cotton / EPE / vacuum bag
Base: brackets
Delivery: Express or logistics
Invites municipal agents, distributors to join and win-win marketing one enterprise: Guangzhou Manwen model factory specializing in the production: light model; matte model; color model; plating model; the board cut model