European version of the female bust | Draping | cut the mannequin | clothing model props | board room Model | Child Model

European version of the female bust | Draping | cut the mannequin | clothing model props | board room Model | Child Model

Product description:

For the crowd: Adult Model Costumes Model type: bust body cut the model Quality Grade: Excellence in goods
Brand: Manwen Model Material: FRP (FRP) Apply a gender: Neutral / both men and women
Whether the inventory: No

Guangzhou 曼汶 show supplies factory NOTE force in connection with Europe and China, continue to launch new design, leading industry trends factory model materials are imported durable fiberglass and plastic materials of PU; Taiwan imports of advanced surface oil; Taiwan 2504 # glue; with fine workmanship; product positioning in the high-grade; brand apparel companies have been deeply favored; the model can be deployed: belly; leg; shoulder, and non-toxic; do not fade; senior environmental paint can be wiped; surface protection products using nanotechnology; to make it more heat; scratch resistant; waterproof; anti-pollution can differ according to your requirements (size; shape; posture, etc.)! tailored products, you can also press your request for all seed color or effects processing.

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Name: Clothing display props
Uses: clothing company; stores; clothing stores, and display special
Retail: 600 yuan / month (Plating: 1450 yuan board room: 2000 yuan)
Payment: 30% deposit prepaid, the balance payment and delivery
Color: color / / white / / black / / yellow / / Red / / silver / / gold (optional)
Material: fiberglass; PU plastic; 2504 Taiwan glue
Quality: durability of more than 5 years; no burst; not Diaoqi
Packaging: rectangular carton packaging + there are broken bubble bags + Sponge cloth
Specifications: 120 * 40 * 40cm
Base: stainless steel round seat, side seat, wood base, acrylic base; sit module with stool.
Sale: Free 1 year warranty
Shipping: logistics or courier.
Note: Base Keke Logo (15 yuan / month)
Principle can also be a model for me to get the model plant model, model the production process, the person responsible for follow-up production schedule, to ensure product quality, quantity, and shipped on time. We have to 'honesty, quality first', the One such as the following to the constantly beyond, with the majority of businessmen to establish long-term stable cooperative relations; to achieve a win-win situation, and seek common development, welcomed customers to order.