Wooden hangers wholesale suit wide shoulder hangers | wooden hangers wood | wood character hanger racks Guangzhou White Horse

Wooden hangers wholesale suit wide shoulder hangers | wooden hangers wood | wood character hanger racks Guangzhou White Horse

Product description:

Quality grade: grade Brand: man Wen Material: wood
Origin: Guangdong Style: men's clothing racks Stock: no

Guangzhou Pullman Timor display supplies Ltd is a collection development, design, production and sales of professional clothing room model manufacturer, the production of clothing to display models, lingerie models, modeling clothes hanger wholesale. Has complete and perfect the production process advanced production base and carrying out intensive management, minimize cost, benefit customers and achieve mutual benefit and win-win development. Due to excellent quality, reasonable price, man Wen products introduced, it quickly occupied the market, and exported to Europe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other countries and regions.

Clothing room Pullman Timor model to a high starting point, high quality, new styles, low prices cut into the market strong, and insight into the evolution of current opportunities, launched diverse styles of one step ahead with a personalized, fashionable products. The Division's clothing room models imported glass fiber and resin imported from, durability, size standards, pins, retractable shoulder rack lift. While customers may provide size order, can also provide customers with modified codes, grading service, is accurate in size, perfect shape, please rest assured that customer.

Mann Timor in line with ' honesty, quality first ' business philosophy, continue to promote innovation, proactive change, insatiable spirit of challenge, with superb technology and high quality service, with new and old customers and friends from all circles of society and common development, to share success. upscale men's wooden hangers
Retail: negotiable
Discounts may apply for a discount
Payment: prepaid 30% deposit, the more tender to delivery
Color: available in swatch or specified color
Material: wood---Linden; Beech wood; Hemu; Ash; Oak; Walnut; Northeast song
Quality: durable; Can't paint; Feel comfortable
Package: square bubble inside the carton packaging + bags + ground Sea Pearl Cotton/cotton/vacuum bag
Delivery: logistics and express delivery (freight)
Note: carved Logo (Please provide sample)
Mold can also model to my factory, model in the production process, by the person responsible for the production process to ensure product quality, quantity, and delivery. We take ' honesty, quality first ' principle, if one followed to go beyond, with customers to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship; Achieving a win-win situation and common development ... Welcome to order.