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Solid wood racks foreign trade | Hotel business suit shirt shirt coat rack/hanger/trousers/pants hanging

Solid wood racks foreign trade | Hotel business suit shirt shirt coat rack/hanger/trousers/pants hanging
  • Solid wood racks foreign trade | Hotel business suit shirt shirt coat rack/hanger/trousers/pants hanging
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Quality Grade: Excellence in goods Brand: Manwen Material: Wood
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Product Series: Guangzhou 曼汶 display props Limited mainly engaged in many different styles of clothing display props (a) clothing mannequins are: simulation model, abstract model, cutting models, high-light models, matte models, flesh-colored models, color models, Bright models, plating model, half-length cloth bag model, wrapped in leather bust model, arm motion models, including paper model, wrapped in hemp rope models, child models, head models pendant jewelry, finger touch, bra mold, foot mold, pants mold, torso models, etc. (b) clothing racks are: plastic hangers, wooden hangers, iron racks, plate racks, pants folder in which hanger racks solid wood, durable, corrosion and moisture protection, never deformation, fine workmanship, is you. . Home essential choice in accordance with Wooden main points are: beech hanger pants racks, Dutch wooden racks pants racks, pants hanger rack basswood, ash pants hanger rack, rack pants hanger pine, white wood and other wood hanger rack pants hanger . their style zoning are: luxury pants hanger rack, Cheap hanger pants hanger, children coat hanger pants racks, layer blocks hangers, belts hanging tie, scarf racks and other types of products, cost-effective (c) clothing racks Main. are: stainless steel shelves, wooden shelves, shelves, etc. Iron Company also operates a variety of great artistic value, high-quality technology products such as: Carved imitation simulation benches, etc. FRP products.

Product appearance and material properties: Companies from material selection, mold, ingredients, pressure grinding, painting, packaging, etc. are responsible for the professional QC inspection, strict quality grasp. In the coating process, so that each product clean point (diameter) 0.2 mm ), no stain, no scratches, no Diaoqi Sales is always quality product.

The company model materials are of high quality fiberglass, resins and other environmentally friendly binders, anti-drop, durable racks and shelves of materials are used excellent high-quality wood, organic plastic and stainless steel and other materials wood are:. Beech , black walnut, white wood, basswood, lotus wood, ash, pine, pine needles and other sub-front high-quality timber. outer coating are used in line with European environmental standards paint, PU paint and other specialty coatings, surface coatings fullness, adhesion 0 (hundred grid test), good leveling, high-gloss series of up to 99% gloss. High temperature, UV and corrosion resistance.

Product Name: men and women with hanger
Detailed description:
I plant the production of a wide variety of professional development hangers: Wooden hangers; wooden racks plant; hanger factory; wooden racks; wood racks; wooden hangers wholesale; hanger manufacturer; Guangzhou racks plant; Welcome to our factory or call to discuss business!
Material: superba (according to customer requirements Material)
QTY: 50pcs / box
Carton Size: 38 * 38 * 48cm
Description: Unisex jacket wooden hangers for so hotels, shopping malls, brand clothing, household welcome all friends to call to order (020-37856229).
As the number of product orders; packaging and printing requirements are different; and the volatility of raw materials; product prices will have a greater difference immediately; if you check this website for this product; you need to know the price; please contact us (020-37856229) Please. The product number, the number of required orders, printing and packaging requirements, delivery time and place, your company name and contact phone number by phone, online customer service, or E-MAIL tell us, we will reply immediately.
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