Bold adult sponge pants folder / Multifunction / adult hanger / hanger / drying rack / clothes rack clothing

Bold adult sponge pants folder / Multifunction / adult hanger / hanger / drying rack / clothes rack clothing

Product description:

Brand: Manwen Quality Grade: Excellence in goods material: plastic
Whether the inventory: No

Product appearance and material properties: Companies from material selection, mold, ingredients, pressure grinding, painting, packaging, etc. are responsible for the professional QC inspection, strict quality grasp. In the coating process, so that each product clean point (diameter) 0.2 mm ), no stain, no scratches, no Diaoqi Sales is always quality product.

The company model materials are of high quality fiberglass, resins and other environmentally friendly binders, anti-drop, durable racks and shelves of materials are used excellent high-quality wood, organic plastic and stainless steel and other materials wood are:. Beech , black walnut, white wood, basswood, lotus wood, ash, pine, pine needles and other sub-front high-quality timber. outer coating are used in line with European environmental standards paint, PU paint and other specialty coatings, surface coatings fullness, adhesion 0 (hundred grid test), good leveling, high-gloss series of up to 99% gloss. High temperature, UV and corrosion resistance.

The following products are in-kind shooting, its local details are especially significant way to use macro shot, witnessed more than microscopic objects, more detailed. Meant to show excellence in product fine workmanship, quality of.

Men and women with high-grade wood racks
Retail: Negotiable
Discount: large can apply for a discount
Payment: 30% deposit, the balance of payment and delivery
Color: Available color swatch or designated
Material: Wood --- basswood; beech; superba; Ash; oak; walnut; northeast pine
Quality: durable; no paint chips; feel comfortable
Packing: square carton packaging bubble bags + + there are broken sea cotton / EPE / vacuum bag
Delivery: Logistics or Express (freight mention pay)
Note: Keke Logo (please provide a model)
Principle can also be a model for me to get the model plant model, model the production process, the person responsible for follow-up production schedule, to ensure product quality, quantity, and shipped on time. We have to 'honesty, quality first', the One such as the following to the constantly beyond, with the majority of businessmen to establish long-term stable cooperative relations; to achieve a win-win situation, and seek common development, welcomed customers to order.