Hotel a hanger wholesale slip hanger wood | wooden hangers | clothing hangers | hangers wholesale

Hotel a hanger wholesale slip hanger wood | wooden hangers | clothing hangers | hangers wholesale

Product description:

Quality grade: grade Brand: man Wen Material: wood
Stock: no

Product appearance and material properties: From material selection, mold, ingredients, grinding, coating, packaging have professional QC is responsible for testing, strict quality control. In the process of painting, so each product dust (particle size) 0.2 mm), no stains, no scratches, no paint. sales are always quality product.

Models of the company's materials are made of high quality glass fiber, resin and other environmentally friendly base materials, fall resistance is strong and durable. Racks and shelves materials are made of fine quality solid wood, organic materials such as plastic and stainless steel.

Solid wood are: beech, black walnut, white, Basswood, Schima, ash, pine, pin front quality wood such as pine. Exterior paint were used to meet European environmental standards, paint, PU coatings and other specialty coatings, coating fullness high adhesion level 0 (hundred), good leveling, high gloss can reach 99% the series. High temperature, UV and corrosion resistance.

(Girl name) broad-shouldered suit wooden hanger style hotel

(Baby material) selection of quality Schima

(Baby sizes)-38 cm

(Baby weight) 250 g (authentic)

(Baby color) dark brown; Dark red; True colors

(Babe feature)

• Selection of high quality premium Dutch wood, genuine paint treatment, real materials.

• Bar with anti-slip rubber tube hanging suit Jacket at the same time, you can also hang up pants.

• Widening the shoulder design, fashion, environmental protection, highlighting the superior temperament, clothes straight high.

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The following products are real, its local details are made of macro-approach taken, more micro than witnessed physical, more detailed. Meant to show products work fine, excellent quality.