Block | blocks wholesale | wholesale Girls | Men's trousers | children's clothing rack shelf | plywood hanger

Block | blocks wholesale | wholesale Girls | Men's trousers | children's clothing rack shelf | plywood hanger

Product description:

Brand: Manwen Quality Grade: Excellence in goods Material: Wood
Whether the inventory: No

Product Series: Guangzhou Manwen display props Limited mainly engaged in many different styles of clothing display props.

(A) clothing mannequins are: simulation model, abstract model, cutting models, high-light models, matte models, flesh-colored models, color models, colorful models, plating model, half-length cloth bag model, wrapped in leather bust model, arm motion models, including paper models, wrap the rope model, children models, head models pendant jewelry, finger touch, bra mold, foot mold, mold pants, torso and other models.

(B) the clothing racks are: plastic hangers, wooden hangers, iron racks, plate racks, pants folder in which hanger solid wood racks, durable, corrosion and moisture protection, never deformation, fine workmanship, your home is essential. the main points are selected according to Wood: beech hanger pants racks, Dutch wooden racks pants racks, pants hanger rack basswood, ash pants hanger rack, rack pants hanger pine, white wood and other wood hanger rack pants hanger according to their style zoning are: luxury hanger pants hanger, pants hanger rack economy, children pants hanger rack, layer blocks hangers, belts hanging tie, scarf racks and other types of products, cost-effective.

(C) clothing racks are: stainless steel shelves, wooden shelves, wrought iron shelves, etc. The company also operates a variety of great artistic value, high-quality technology products such as: Carved imitation simulation benches, etc. FRP products.

Name: Manwen plywood wooden hanger wood hanger

Material: plywood wood wood

Specifications: Women's section hanger Shoulder: 40.3cm trouser rack width: 37.5cm

Foreign funds hanger Shoulder: 42.3cm

Great men hanger Shoulder: 44.5cm

Tong paragraph hanger Shoulder: 32.3cm trouser rack width: 30cm

Specific size please contact the seller, thank you.

Wood tips: All wood products sub-grade materials generally; A grade; grade B; C grade wool material origin billet Hebei grade material is so inside material selection; the most direct method of identification is:!! Jovicentric no deep black wooden scarring; no hollow; no rough absolutely dare to promise 1000 no more than a case of market disruption occurs;!!! cohabitation not expensive; only buy ~ !!!

Hanger Features: environmental protection varnish, the most popular high-grade plywood wood material design silicone non-slip hanging clothes no blistering, no deformation embedded high shine chrome-plated metal hooks can rotate freely and never fall off !! upscale temperament, 2012 the most popular. hanger style!

Rave reviews, no fraud !!!

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NOTE: ordinary paragraph plywood wooden hanger selection Garbo environmental clearcoat, feel very smooth, no odor and a high light, fresh and natural.

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