Clothespin wholesale | Pastoral cloth hangers | bow package quality sponge clothes | cloth hanger a variety of colors

Clothespin wholesale | Pastoral cloth hangers | bow package quality sponge clothes | cloth hanger a variety of colors

Product description:

Style: Kids Quality Grade: Excellence in goods Brand: Manwen
Material: cloth Origin: Guangzhou Whether the inventory: No

Product Series: Guangzhou 曼汶 display props Limited mainly engaged in many different styles of clothing display props (a) clothing mannequins are: simulation model, abstract model, cutting models, high-light models, matte models, flesh-colored models, color models, Bright models, plating model, half-length cloth bag model, wrapped in leather bust model, arm motion models, including paper model, wrapped in hemp rope models, child models, head models pendant jewelry, finger touch, bra mold, foot mold, pants mold, torso models, etc. (b) clothing racks are: plastic hangers, wooden hangers, iron racks, plate racks, pants folder in which hanger racks solid wood, durable, corrosion and moisture protection, never deformation, fine workmanship, is you. . Home essential choice in accordance with Wooden main points are: beech hanger pants racks, Dutch wooden racks pants racks, pants hanger rack basswood, ash pants hanger rack, rack pants hanger pine, white wood and other wood hanger rack pants hanger . their style zoning are: luxury pants hanger rack, Cheap hanger pants hanger, children coat hanger pants racks, layer blocks hangers, belts hanging tie, scarf racks and other types of products, cost-effective (c) clothing racks Main. are: stainless steel shelves, wooden shelves, shelves, etc. Iron Company also operates a variety of great artistic value, high-quality technology products such as: Carved imitation simulation benches, etc. FRP products.

1, save space: magic hanger very thin thickness of only 0.4CM, although very thin but very strong, can carry 15 kg weight.

2, non-slip anti-drop: it modified material is ABS material, the outside is a natural TPE synthetic rubber processing, is this layer of rubber-like magician's hand, like an invisible force to seize the clothes so that the clothes do not fall, no deformation.

3, Hanger: Hanger according to ergonomic design, clothes hangers will not leave unsightly marks, relatively easily than using conventional hangers can see a piece of the protruding shoulder, another top added protection clothes hanger S collar type design, make clothes collar does not become large, intact.

4, multi-tie hanging: you can hang tie, hanging scarf, belt and so on.

5. Hook: hang clothes hook on end of space can be used to hang more clothes, so they could save closet space.

6. Clip: Clip is random activity, can adjust the size according to individual requirements, can be clipped to a child, an adult pants, ladies skirts.