Guangzhou Wide shoulder hanger wood hanger | hanger suit suits shirts Grand Hotel fur clothing store racks

Guangzhou Wide shoulder hanger wood hanger | hanger suit suits shirts Grand Hotel fur clothing store racks

Product description:

Style: hotels Quality grade: grade Brand: man Wen
Material: wood Origin: Guangzhou Stock: no

Product series: Guangzhou Mann Timor display shelf, Ltd mainly engaged in a variety of clothing items display in the shape of. (A) clothing human models main has: simulation models, abstract models, crop models, high light models, dumb light models, flesh-colored models, color models, dazzle color models, plating models, bust package cloth models, wrapped skin bust models, arm joint activities models, package paper models, wrapped rope models, children models, jewelry hanging pieces head model, finger touch, BRA die, feet die, pants die, torso models,. (B) clothing racks are: plastic hangers, wooden hangers, metal hangers, plate racks, pants lined. Which wood class hanger, rugged, anti-corrosion moisture environmental, never deformation, work fine, is you home essential of selected. According to wood quality points main has: beech wood hanger pants frame, load wood hanger pants frame, lime wood hanger pants frame, ash hanger pants frame, pine hanger pants frame, white wood hanger pants frame, variety wood hanger. by its style uses points has: luxury hanger pants frame, budget hanger pants frame, children hanger pants frame, layer blocks hanger, belt tie hanging, silk towel frame, variety type products, price high. (C) clothing racks are: stainless steel shelves, wooden shelves, wrought iron shelves and other. the company also operates a wide range of high quality products with great artistic value such as: simulation of FRP products such as root-like seat.

Product appearance and material properties: From material selection, mold, ingredients, grinding, coating, packaging have professional QC is responsible for testing, strict quality control. In the process of painting, so each product dust (particle size) 0.2 mm), no stains, no scratches, no paint. sales are always quality product.

Models of the company's materials are made of high quality glass fiber, resin and other environmentally friendly base materials, fall resistance is strong and durable. Racks and shelves materials are made of fine quality solid wood, organic materials such as plastic and stainless steel. solid wood are: beech, black walnut, white, Basswood, Schima, ash, pine, pin front quality wood such as pine. Exterior paint were used to meet European environmental standards, paint, PU coatings and other specialty coatings, coating fullness high adhesion level 0 (hundred), good leveling, high gloss can reach 99% the series. High temperature, UV and corrosion resistance.

Product name: men's clothes hanger
Detailed description:
Our factory is specialized in research and production a variety of hangers: wooden hangers; Wooden hanger factory; Hanger factory; Wooden hangers; Solid wood racks; Wooden hangers wholesale; Hanger manufacturer; Hanger factory in Guangzhou; Welcome to our factory or to negotiate business!
Product material: hemu (material can be selected according to customer's request)
Pack: 50pcs/-box
Carton size: 38*38*48cm
Description: men's jackets wooden hangers apply hotels, shopping malls, branded apparel, home ... Welcome to call to order (020-37856229).
Due to the quantity of this product; Packaging and printing requirements; And volatility of raw materials; Product prices will make a big difference; If you select this product from this website; Need to know the price; Please contact us (020-37856229). the product number required order number printing and packaging requirements, time and place of delivery, your company name and phone number via telephone, online customer service, or E-MAIL tell us, we will reply immediately.
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