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Catsuo | Phantom glare | Backlight crack | Colorful light | Wrangler | USB gaming cable game Silent mouse

Catsuo | Phantom glare | Backlight crack | Colorful light | Wrangler | USB gaming cable game Silent mouse
Product code: 16862700030
Unit price 3.18-3.34$
Sold quantity 2164530
Available stock 338479

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: AZZOR / Cardo Phantom glare
  • Brand: AZZOR / Cardo
  • Model: Phantom glare
  • Package Type: Official Standard
  • Color classification: ordinary version of cold cold blue ordinary version of bloodthirsty red 3D3 key version of frosted black seven color change boutique version of cold blue boutique version of bloodthirsty red fine version of seven color magic silent silent version of the ultra-laser engine cold blue silent silent version of the seven-color fantasy tenth anniversary White limited edition colorful fantasy
  • Work: Photoelectricity
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Number of keys: 6
  • Optical resolution: 2400dpi
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Condition: New
  • After - sales service: Genius

As a result of this time the product engage in activities, product appearance beautiful, good performance. Resulting in berserk, a few days to sell a large number of mice, we are not enough to prepare the goods backlog, did not send out in time to let everyone wait. I am sorry to have returned to the normal delivery today. I hope that after a good service to compensate for everyone. Hope to get everyone's understanding, very grateful.

A lot of horses outside the style of the mouse. This is our fifth generation of Wrangler style mouse: Phantom glare. This product sales have been exceeded 2.09 million , The data comes from the days of cat baby list, true and effective, please rest assured to buy.

The surface design of the product has applied for national copyright, if the theft, according to the law to pursue legal responsibility.

Tenth anniversary of the white limited edition is the left and right keys silent button colorful illusion. Other color classification has a silent description of the left and right keys is a silent button. Not write is not a silent button. Ultimate Edition also known as fine version. Version.

The ultimate version is the boutique version.

The surface of the mouse used by the artistic design for Mr. Zheng Huankai creation.

Source: sales data from the days of cat or Taobao show monthly sales and historical total sales, product performance and other relevant data derived from the official brand test results.