Clothing racks | pants rack clothing store shelf | Costumes | wholesale pants rack | wooden rack slip pants

Clothing racks | pants rack clothing store shelf | Costumes | wholesale pants rack | wooden rack slip pants

Product description:

Style: Women Quality Grade: Excellence in goods Brand: Manwen
Material: Wood Origin: Guangzhou Whether the inventory: No

Guangzhou 曼汶 display Ltd. was established in 2000; is a professional wooden hanger production enterprises; construction area covering one billion square meters, a variety of hardware facilities, a new drying room three ATF laser marking machine sets. automatic injector lines, the most advanced three new automatic planer and other equipment.

Guangzhou 曼汶 display Ltd. design and production of various brand clothing racks, a series of specialty products company launched and inspired embellishment fashion apparel, truly in line with modern originality, arbitrary mix. The main products are plastic racks, aluminum racks, high-end hardware underwear racks, wooden racks, silk bag commoner frame (frame skirt; trousers frame; shirt rack; suit racks; children racks; high-grade wood racks; one-time hotel hangers).

Product Name: Wooden hanger

Material: maple; superba; beech; birch; pine; water bentwood; other wood

Specifications: According to customer demand size proofing and production.
Color: wood color, black, white, gray, mahogany color and so on.
Surface treatment: (PU / / NC) paint; flocking; hand-rubbed paint; hand paint; hooks and hardware accessories: plated Luo, gold, pearl nickel, black nickel, paint.
Uses: clothing display.
LOGO: laser laser; screen printing; engraving Available
Minimum order quantity: ≥1000 months
Co-brand:. AB / SOUL, Carolina • Pa • good, classic stories, Yisiaila, DGVI, KANGJINYOU, a new era of fashion, green fruit, a brighter future, barium declared, cultivators, Elaine van den can send, Manya slave. , white-collar wind

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