Bold models Wood Hanger Suit suit wide shoulder hangers | hangers upscale Grand Hotel Guangzhou with wood hangers

Bold models Wood Hanger Suit suit wide shoulder hangers | hangers upscale Grand Hotel Guangzhou with wood hangers

Product description:

Quality Grade: Excellence in goods Brand: Manwen Material: Wood
Origin: Guangdong Style: Hotel hanger Whether the inventory: No

Guangzhou 曼汶 display Ltd. is a collection development, design, production and sales of professional garment board room model manufacturer, producing fashion show model, lingerie model, engage in wholesale models racks. Complete with supporting production process advanced production base, and the implementation of intensive management, minimize costs, to help customers achieve mutual benefit and win-win development principles. Because of excellent quality and reasonable price, 曼汶 product launch that is quickly occupied the market, and exported Europe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other countries and regions.

Manwen garment board room model with a high starting point, high-quality, new models, low-cost strong into the market, and the trend of the evolution of time insight into the initiative, move faster to launch a variety of styles with a personalized, fashion-oriented products Resin Manufacturing Division garment plate modeling using fiberglass and imported imports, rugged, size standard, easy pin, scalable shoulder, shelves can lift the same time we can offer customer-made size , customers can also provide improved code, grading services, the precise size, perfect shape, customers ease.

曼汶 in 'good faith, quality first' philosophy, continue to carry forward the pioneering and innovative, proactive change, insatiable spirit of challenge, with superb technology and high quality services to customers and the community with new and old friends all walks of life common development, sharing of successful product name: Unisex hanger
Detailed description:
I plant the production of a wide variety of professional development hangers: Wooden hangers; wooden racks plant; hanger factory; wooden racks; wood racks; wooden hangers wholesale; hanger manufacturer; Guangzhou racks plant; Welcome to our factory or call to discuss business!
Material: superba (according to customer requirements Material)
QTY: 50pcs / box
Carton Size: 38 * 38 * 48cm
Description: Unisex jacket wooden hangers for so hotels, shopping malls, brand clothing, household welcome all friends to call to order (020-37856229).
As the number of product orders; packaging and printing requirements are different; and the volatility of raw materials; product prices will have a greater difference immediately; if you check this website for this product; you need to know the price; please contact us (020-37856229) Please. The product number, the number of required orders, printing and packaging requirements, delivery time and place, your company name and contact phone number by phone, online customer service, or E-MAIL tell us, we will reply immediately.
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