Korean bamboo wood hangers | Ms. slip hanger | hanger | Incognito clothing store hanging clothes hanger splints

Korean bamboo wood hangers | Ms. slip hanger | hanger | Incognito clothing store hanging clothes hanger splints

Product description:

Brand: Manwen Quality Grade: Excellence in goods Material: Wood
Whether the inventory: No

Product appearance and material properties: Companies from material selection, mold, ingredients, pressure grinding, painting, packaging, etc. are responsible for the professional QC inspection, strict quality grasp. In the coating process, so that each product clean point (diameter) 0.2 mm ), no stain, no scratches, no Diaoqi Sales is always quality product.

The company model materials are used high-quality fiberglass fibers, resins and other environmentally friendly binders, anti-drop, durable. Hangers and shelves are made of superior materials with high quality wood, organic plastic and stainless steel and other materials.

Wood mainly include: beech, black walnut, white wood, basswood, Dutch wood, ash, pine, pine needles and other sub-quality wood front outer coating are used in line with European environmental standards paint, PU paint and other specialty paint, coating fullness, adhesion 0 (hundred grid test), good leveling, high-gloss series of up to 99% gloss. High temperature, UV and corrosion resistance.

(Baby Name) wide shoulders style suit wood hanger hotel

(Baby Material) selection of high quality superba

(Baby size) 45 cm

(Baby weight) 250 g (real materials)

(Baby Color) brown; dark; qualities

(Baby Features)

• selection of high-quality premium superba, real paint handling, real materials.

• rails with non-slip rubber hose, hanging suit jacket can also hang up pants.

• Widening the shoulder design, fashion, environmental protection, highlighting luxury temperament, clothes straight significantly high.

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