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Wholesale female models | clothing model | cloth Model | Model | Child Model | Female models | Inflatable Model

Product description:

Quality Grade: Excellence in goods Model Material: FRP (FRP) Whether the inventory: No
For the crowd: Adult Model Costumes Model type: bust body cut the model Brand: Manwen
Origin: Guangdong Applicable Gender: Female Style: wedding dress mannequin

Fiberglass and resin imported imported, durable, standard size, easy to pin, retractable shoulder, with a semi-automatic lift function, step on the pedal to lift the middle of the Taiwan people. Model inside the material is imported resin high temperature ironing can be directly ironing mannequin, mannequin surface of cotton blended fabrics package surface, 0.3 ~ 0.4cm bubble under the surface soft, easy to pin, pin form slant needle form.

At the same time customers can provide customized size, but also for customers to change the code, grading services, the precise size, perfect shape, customers ease. High quality and reasonable price, the products are exported to Europe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other many countries and regions.

Material: fiberglass cloth, professional craftsmen handmade, custom size can be customized.

Color: beige; Ephedra; Beige

Sale: Free 1 year warranty

Packing: square carton packaging bubble bags + + there are broken sea cotton / EPE / vacuum bag

Base: hanging pulley rotatable base

Our factory products are high-end products, the use of the highest quality materials, large exports to Europe and America, etc. for a number of well-known brand clothing companies to provide services so far. Is your trusted partner ~!

Product size, variety, if not satisfied, we offer special size custom service, welcomed the consultation.

Buyer Tips:

Urgent need if there is a small number of stock, please contact the store. Production cycle is generally 15 days, the off-season as long as seven days can be shipped, because all big-ticket items, Guangdong province is generally not made express (courier bulky expensive ), Logistics can save on shipping and logistics needs since the delivery, if necessary freight shipping logistics company, is another operator.

A professional level, you create the style stage show for you.

Suitable for men and women clothing, clothing exhibitions.