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Xin Hui Ke e. Mini E-C3 Liren C3 itx Chassis Industrial HTPC small chassis | ATOM chassis

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: e. Mini E-C3
  • Brand: e. Mini
  • Model: E-C3
  • Package type: official standard
  • Chassis Type: HTPC chassis
  • Chassis structure: Mini-ITX
  • Condition: New
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Color Category: Black Empty Black 60W Black 90W Black 120W Silver Empty Box Silver 60W Silver 90W Silver 120W
  • Power Location: on the home
  • Material: steel

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1. Motherboard support: C3 can only support 17 * 17cm Of the ITX small board Oh! Other size of the motherboard can not install this pro to pay special attention to!

2. Radiator support: installation 2.5 inch hard drive When supported 40 mm Height below the radiator , Installation 3.5 inches Hard disk support 26mm Height below the radiator!

3. Package Description: Chassis is divided into Empty 60W 90W 120W four packages . Empty box is empty chassis does not contain any power, 60W is empty chassis + 60W power supply, 90W 120W and so on. Can consult customer service which package is most suitable for their own

4. This small chassis can use ATX standard desktop power?

A: Liren C3 small chassis power supply can only be used Liren original power Oh! Does not support ATX desktop power supply or other power supply

5. Liren C3 small chassis support video card installed?

A: Liren C3 mini chassis does not support video card installation Oh! Small chassis internal space is limited!

Chassis model ITX chassis E-C3
Chassis material SGCC (thickness 0.8 mm)
Suitable for motherboard MINI-ITX full range of motherboard (17 * 17cm)
hard disk

Standard 3.5-inch hard drive * 1 (ultra-thin motherboard in the total height of 26MM below);

Or 2.5-inch notebook hard drive * 2 (motherboard total high in the 40MM below);

power supply According to their actual needs
Other extensions Reserved wireless WIFI port * 1, COM port * 1
Optional system fan 4010 fan * 2 (Optional)
Front USB2.0 * 1
Chassis dimensions 65 (W) * 200 (H) * 200 (D) mm
weight Net weight 0.54KG Gross weight 1.29KG
Colour Silver, black