KT-900 new LED industrial-ray film film viewer

KT-900 new LED industrial-ray film film viewer

Product description:

KT-900 Film viewer

KT-900 type LED industrial-ray film film viewer is the latest Beijing Kai-day integrity Technology Co., Ltd. developed, cold light source with high brightness semiconductor light-emitting device, LED as a light source, solve the low brightness lamp type film viewer, the heat, life Short shortcomings, is a revolutionary innovation in the domestic film viewer.

First, the characteristics

1, light with bright LED lights, high US chip brightness.

2, long life, up to 100,000 hours.

3, adjustable brightness, enabling continuous stepless adjustment.

4, cold light source, low in calories, does not damage the film.

53 file design, eight kinds of display modes, which can meet the needs of different size negatives and observation area.

6, lead profile case, sand processing, seismic resistance, good stability, no distortion.

7, handsome in appearance, solemn.

Second, technical indicators

1, the maximum brightness: 300000cd / m.

2, can observe the largest film blackness: D) 5.0.

3, life: more than 100,000 hours.

4. Power Requirements: AC220V, 50Hz.

5, the display mode: 3 files design, eight kinds of display modes.

6, power: 135W.

7, Weight: about 4.5 kg.

8, Dimensions: 490㎜ * 110㎜ * 185㎜.

Third, the operating instructions

1, is 'choice' when a file, loop pedal foot switch, can achieve brightness LED lights in different regions of the display.

2, in the 'Select' when second speed in 1st gear to achieve by adjusting the brightness of different areas of the display, the conversion of 2 files, enabling long highlight, this time without the use of a foot switch.

3, in the 'select' 3 block, in first gear by adjusting the brightness of different areas to achieve is displayed, converted to 3 files, enabling the traditional foot switch is turned way.

4, each gear can be used 'dimming' knob to achieve the brightness stepless adjustment.

IV Notices

1, Power requirements AC220V, 50Hz, do not access to 380V power supply within the industry.

2, anti-magnetic interference, waterproof, moisture-proof, well ventilated.

3, after use, before switching off the mains, the 'choice' in a three-speed gear position, the LED light is off, then the fan is working properly maintained for 60 seconds, and then turn off the main power, the LED lamps can be fully cooled, extended life.