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Supply can making machines | Canning machinery | Iron printing canning equipment | Seam welding machine

Product description:

Whether providing customized processing: YeahBrand: Suzhou foster
Model: FN2000-CProduct name: Galvanized sheet seam welding machine
Uses: Body weldingPackaging type: Tank; Box; Barrel
Applicable industry: Chemical industry; Food; Medicine; Hardware; Machinery

The product can be said to be universal welding machine of seam welding machine, welding substrate, Tin, stainless steel, galvanized plate and other plate, widely used in cans, metal, capacitors and other industries; Product technology and quality leader in the industry, performance is often beyond customer imagination, there are customers who have used the equipment of welded 0.8mm sheet;
Current using a new generation of digital circuits; Control system of monolithic integrated circuit boards; Current is increasing slowly and slow down function; Precision higher than the traditional analog control; Ensure the weld leak-free; Soldering Tin waste between the length of copper wire only one finger's width; Significantly reduces production costs;

Quality assurance-major components: Japan Mitsubishi PLC, frequency conversion speed regulator. Korea LG air switch; Contactors; Circuit breakers; United States Bunce potentiometer; Taiwan Ming Wei switching power supply Taiwan TEND the foot switch; Germany semikron SCR; Taiwan atea kind moving components; Taiwan yongkun motor; Taiwan Yuan Li pumps;

Machine microcomputer control; Frequency control; Stable and reliable;

Pneumatic storage wire tension can be adjusted, replace pot-convenient and quick;

Model number FN2000-C

Power Input power: 3N380V / 50Hz 15KVA

Welding speed Welding speed 6 - 12m/ min

Capacity Productivity (cpm) 20

Diameter Range Application of tank diameter ( mm ) Φ 108- Φ 300

Height Range Applied pot high ( mm ) ≤400

Overlap overlap ( mm ) 3 - 4

Thickness Material thickness ( mm ) 0.2 - 0.5

Copper wire Copper wire T2 ( mm ) Φ 1.5 1.7

Compressed air Compressed air 250L/ min 0.6Mpa

Cooling water Cooling water 0.3MPa 8~10L/min

Net Weight Weight (kg) 1300

Dimension Dimensions (mm) 2200*1200*1650