(Credit protection | improve services) supply manufacturing machinery | seam welding | paint cans equipment

(Credit protection | improve services) supply manufacturing machinery | seam welding | paint cans equipment

Product description:

Custom processing: It is Brand: Suzhou Foster
model: FB2000-B Synonyms: Backward seam welding material
use: Welded cans Package Type: Cans, buckets
Applicable industries: Chemical; medicine; Hardware; machinery

Japan SMC water detection switch, use more secure

Quality of the product is absolutely beyond your imagination; a large number of applications of automatic equipment cans seam welder core technology; the use of a new generation of sine wave welding power source; weld pulse point clearer; weld more firmly; equipment iron Black is not generally part of 'black' heat treatment; all use 'nitriding' heat treatment of common materials also have hardness; the main benefit is the use of it will not rust in a very harsh environment;

Excellent quality comes from technology and components: Japan's Mitsubishi PLC, inverter Japan OMRON photoelectric switch, Japan SMC water flow detection switch, LG air switch; contacts; circuit breakers; US Bangs potentiometer; Taiwan Meanwell switching power supply; Taiwan TEND foot switch, Taiwan Yongkun motor;

The product is suitable for drums, cans welding equipment;

Welding cans mold positioning; power inverter; nitrogen can be added to protect the weld more beautiful;

Microcomputer control the whole operation; inverter; stable and reliable;

Electrical appliances; mechanical components to use more imported parts; quality assurance;

Model Model FB2000-B

Power Input power: 3N380V / 50Hz 15KVA

Welding speed Welding speed 6-12m / min

Capacity Productivity (cpm) 20

Diameter Range Applicable can diameter (mm) Φ 52-Φ175

Height Range Applicable can height (mm) 70-300

Overlap amount of overlap (mm) 0.6-1.2

Thickness Material Thickness (mm) 0.2-0.4

Copper wire copper T2 (mm) Φ 1.5

Cooling water Cooling water ≥0.3MPa 8 ~ 10L / min

Net Weight Weight (kg) 1300

Dimension Dimensions (mm) 1350 * 1300 * 1700