Samsung N9006 phone shell note3 metal frame cover note3 phone protective shell protective sleeve n9008v

Samsung N9006 phone shell note3 metal frame cover note3 phone protective shell protective sleeve n9008v

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Metal
  • Style: Border formula
  • Color Classification: Solid hippocampus [Debit] Please choose the color purple mystery [→→→] ☆ ☆ [bare desert experience bare blue] ☆ ☆ [experience] Tyrant gold experience ☆ ☆ bare calm [silver] ☆ ☆ [Qiao Mei bare experience bare red] ☆ ☆ [experience] Please select color hippocampus debit idyllic green color [→→→ ☆ ☆ black gentleman Phnom Penh] [] [] [Phnom Penh calm silver charm ☆ red ☆ ☆ Phnom Penh] [] [Beauty Rose Tyrant gold rim ☆] [paragraph] an upgraded version of the back cover Please select color →→→] [Tyrant gold ★ ★ comprehensive protection [black] ★ gentleman comprehensive protection ★ ★ [calm] silver full protection ★
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable phone models: Samsung / Samsung
  • Samsung Model: Samsung note3 n9006 n9009 n9008v
  • Brand: GOES TiME / fruit era
  • Model: Samsung note3 N9008v metal frame

—————————Samsung note3 phone shell border—————————

(Hippocampus buckle belt + button)

New Ying Haima buckle simplify border that is a snap fit

Surrounded by ultra-thin metal frame all-inclusive light sponge lining seismic drop resistance

Independent key operation sensitive anodized frame never fade

Buy Li sent 11 major ceremony, wherein the film Limited Get!

Exclusive imported materials, thin delicate, not the market price is cheap, ordinary materials rough inferior product!


Note: The cottage, N7506V / N7508V etc. NOTE3 mini version is not supported by Oh!If in doubt, please consult customer service!

· product name · Brand · For brand
Metal frame GOES TiME / fruit era Samsung
· product material · Protection Index · Style
Import aviation aluminum Four all-inclusive protection Simple and stylish
·Applicable models Samsung note3 / n9006 / n9009 / n9008v
· Product Process 108 steps, anodizing, real machine open mold
· Selling baby New Ying Haima buckle designed to simplify, with just a snap to, replacing cumbersome lock screw. Border surrounded by heightening built flannel, seismic drop resistance, 360 ° personal care! 0.7MM slim design, like bare metal lightweight! anodizing, promised you a promise never fade!