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Samsung note3 phone case N9006 metal frame note3 phone case n9008v back cover case

Samsung note3 phone case N9006 metal frame note3 phone case n9008v back cover case
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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: metal
  • Style: Border type
  • Color classification: 'solid color hippocampus buckle' please color → → → 'mysterious purple' ☆ bare metal experience ☆ 'Hanhai blue' ☆ bare metal experience ☆ 'Tu Hao gold' ☆ bare metal experience ☆ 'calm silver' ☆ bare metal experience ☆ 'Qiao Mei Red '☆ bare metal experience ☆' two-color hippocampus buckle 'Please choose color → → →' Pastoral green ☆ Phnom Penh '' gentleman black ☆ Phnom Penh '' calm silver ☆ Phnom Penh 'charm red ☆ Phnom Penh' 'Qiao rose red ☆ Phnom Penh' Tu Hao gold ☆ Phnom Penh '' upgraded version of the post-cover section 'Please choose color → → →' Tu Hao gold '★ comprehensive protection ★' gentleman black '★ comprehensive protection ★' calm silver '★ comprehensive protection ★
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable phone models: Samsung / Samsung
  • Samsung Model: Samsung note3 n9006 n9009 n9008v
  • Brand: GOES TiME / fruit era
  • Model: Samsung note3 N9008v metal frame

---------Samsung note3 phone shell border ---------

(Hippocampus buckle + with button)

The new hippocampus buckle the borders of the simple and easy

Metal frame surrounded by all-inclusive ultra-thin light sponge lining shock and drop

Independent key operation sensitive anodized border never fade

Buy to send 11 major ceremony, which limited foil gift!

Exclusive import material, ultra-thin and meticulous, not the market price is cheap, the use of raw materials rough rough quality products!


Note: cottage, N7506V / N7508V, etc. NOTE3 mini-version is not supported Oh!If you have any questions, please contact customer service!

· product name Brand Applicable to the brand
Metal frame GOES TiME / Fruit Age Samsung
· product material · Protection index Style
Imported aviation aluminum Surrounded by all-inclusive protection Simple and stylish
·Applicable models Samsung note3 / n9006 / n9009 / n9008v
Product technology 108 processes, anodizing, real machine open mode
Baby selling point Novel horseshoe buckle design simplified, simply a button can be, remove the lock screws tedious. Border full of four sides, built-in flannel, shock and drop, 360 ° personal care! 0.7MM ultra-thin design, bare Light! Anodized, promise you a never faded promise!