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Tektronix air13 Apple 11 Lenovo 14 computer bag macbook notebook liner portable 12 inch pro15

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Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: Gentleman Gray cherry powder lemon yellow lake water blue rose red classic black charm purple lip color white elegant pink camouflage army green camouflage gentleman gray + power bag + mouse pad cherry powder + power pack + mouse pad lemon yellow + power pack + mouse pad lake Blue + Power Pack + Mouse Pad Rose + Power Pack + Mouse Pad Classic Black + Power Pack + Mouse Pad Charm Purple + Power Pack + Mouse Pad Lip Color White + Power Pack + Mouse Pad Yaya Powder Camouflage + Power Pack + Mouse Pad Army Green Camouflage + power pack + mouse pad (Note) Tektron counter genuine, security can be checked, quality assurance 'do not shoot' other brands of computers, please consult online customer service Note: 11.6 inch 11 inch / 13.3 inch shooting 13 inch / 15.4 inch shot 15 inch
  • Style: multi-purpose design
  • Material: diving fabric
  • Size: 11 inch 12 inch 13 inch 14 inch 15 inch
  • Style: Business
  • Brand: Tekesen

Product Testimonials

She can flexion and extension, inclusive;
She, know how to self - regulation, never sulking;
She can either stand alone, but also timely convergence;
She is waterproof breathable Tycson portable bag;
She uses a very good elastic SBR material, appearance looks simple and slim, but you can put your computer, charger, mouse, iPad, mobile phones, charging treasure;
She used a unique punch technology, to ensure that the material fastness, but also play a good cooling effect, will not let you like the computer on the same bag;
She uses a hidden handle design, Can be used as a portable outsourcing, but also can be turned into a liner bag into your suitcase, so that travel has become easy;

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