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Displacement (cm): 49.2cc

Fuel: mixed oil (gasoline 25: two-stroke engine oil 1)

Dissolve the fuel tank volume: 0.53

Chain oil: high quality lubricating oil

Carburetor: Diaphragm

Ignition system: non-contact point (CDI)

Spark Plug: LDL7T

Saw chain lubrication: automatic pump with regulator

Size: (length X width X height) (mm): 480X260X300

Net Weight (power unit body) (kg): 7.5

Guides Model: 18-inch, 325 models

Chain: 18 inch, 325 models


Random configuration: tool bag; Manual; the ratio of pot; quality guides; chain Host

product manual:

Must familiarize themselves before using a chain saw manual, in strict accordance with the instructions to operate, in order to ensure safe use of the product and service life; 2. guide the chain in the installation process should pay attention to the tightness (hand pull the chain, which chain and guide The spacing of 1 cm), or affect the results; 3. mix of gasoline and oil ratio is 25: 1; however, due to differences in the quality of oil each regional impact; we recommend using the ratio of 20: 1, oil Recommended Mobil brand two-stroke engine oil; 4. chainsaw when you first use the machine must be started 5 minutes before starting to work; 5. chainsaw starts, chain guides must wait to start work after that oil (oil pump oil); 6. chainsaw by transport effects might loose screws before use to re-adjust according to the instructions, in general, is not recommended disassemble; 7. The carburetor must be cleaned after every 100 hours of operation and clean before use; 8 Empty filter after eight hours of work must be cleaned; 9. Use blunt chain to be replaced or re-use good file with a file, otherwise affect the results and chain saws life; 10. chainsaw when not in use is best to use plastic bag, to prevent dust and moisture into the machine, the impact of the use;

• Use the occasion
For deforestation, bucking, pruning, etc., and lumberyard bucking, sawing cut railway sleepers and other operations.
• Features
The product has a high power, high efficiency vibration sawing, logging and low cost advantages. Has become China's leading mechanical harvesting forest handheld.