Hanger type shot blast cleaning machine

Hanger type shot blast cleaning machine

Product description:

Product Details:
Machine TypeSandblaster
Place of OriginShandong, China (Mainland)
Brand NameQinghzu
Model NumberQ376
UseDescaling / Stripping
Cleaning Processblast
Cleaning Typeshot
Industry Usedmachinery
MaterialMetal / Coil
sandblastershot blasting machine
Detailed Product Description

Q37 series shot blast machine

Description: Using a big volume shots, high-speed projectiles advanced cantilever centrifugal blasting device. This series machines can significantly improve the satisfactory rate of cleaning and cleaning quality. Trajectory simulation and abrators are all drawings with AUTOCAD software design, selection and shot is decorated more reasonable, Any holes, don't change the rail, compact structure, high productivity.

Usage: hook shot blast cleaning machine is mainly used for aluminum alloy castings; steel structure; and other parts of the surface cleaning is widely used in casting; forging machinery; iron and steel; etc

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