Q3210 Apron type shot blasting machine

Q3210 Apron type shot blasting machine

Product description:

Product Details:
Machine TypeSandblaster
Place of OriginShandong, China (Mainland)
Brand NameQingzhu
Model Number8GN
UseDescaling / Stripping
Cleaning Processblast
Cleaning Typeshot
Industry Usedmachinery
MaterialMetal / Coil
Power (W) 25kw
Dimension (L*W*H) 2531-8541-2540mm
After-sales Service ProvidedEngineers available to service machinery overseas
http: //www.castingglobal.com/http: //www.castingglobal.com/
Detailed Product Description

8GN Crawler shot blasting machine

http: //www.castingglobal.com/

Crawler shot blasting machine has the following advantages: the company adopts the high aerosol propellant JF Switzerland cantilever speed centrifugal cast blasting technology, which can significantly improve cleaning efficiency, quality and satisfactory cleaning with long service life and low failure rate of simple structure etc. Shot Chambers and arrangement of shot blasting machine all made by computer 3D dynamic simulation, after the trajectory of the projectile flow out of the workpiece surface coverage area and accurate in all directions from the projectile workpiece surface of workpiece and thrown, It adopt wear-resistant steel rubber pedrail, reduce the damage of the collision, the phenomenon of workpiece and reduce the noise of the machines. Using FengXuan type separator, good separation effect and high productivity, and reduce the wear parts (such as blasting blades) wear, Using cloth bag filter, dust emission concentrations below the standards prescribed by the state, to improve the working environment, workers After cleaning, the workpiece will automatically caterpillar reversal unloading. Using no-pit structure, saves the foundation pit construction cost.