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Non-woven filter cloth

Non-woven filter cloth
  • Non-woven filter cloth
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Non-woven filter cloth

Spunbond non-woven

Spunbond process hot-rolled non-woven polyester filament; polyester filament spunbond needle geotextile law; polyester long wire based tire; floor leather
Industrial fabric product quality in line with the German DIN and Japanese JIS quality standards, the Department of high-performance industrial and engineering non-woven fabric, with high strength, high elongation, low shrinkage, heat resistance, good stability, breathable permeable, blackout , anti-aging, acid, non-toxic moth and other advantages.

Acupuncture non-woven fabrics

Is polyester, polypropylene raw material to manufacture, through acupuncture, combed, woven cloth center plus mezzanine, and then double-channel nuclear science, airlaid composite acupuncture into cloth, Filter cloth after a three-dimensional structure by heat setting After singeing, the surface of the most chemically oil processing, the cloth looks smooth, uniform pore distribution, on the surface density of the product is good, both sides smooth surface and better ventilation level, on a plate and frame filter compressor proved that the product can be used high-strength pressure, filtration precision up to 4 microns or less, polypropylene and polyester products can provide two materials according to user needs non-woven filter cloth proved better performance when frame filter press: Example Preparation Plant slime treatment, steel plant wastewater treatment, such as press cake appear quit, and difficult problem of falling in with the other specifications will brewery cloth, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, non-woven cloth, the cake in the filter machine When the pressure reaches 10kg-12kg when quite dry, while the filter cake box will automatically open the machine off when the user selects a non-woven cloth, mainly based on the amount of ventilation, filtration precision, elongation to consider different thickness and quality non-woven cloth, polyester product parameters please needle felt and polypropylene needle felt, specifications varieties can be developed.