Van Filter Plates

Van Filter Plates

Product description:

Van Filter Plates

I produced using filter plates Van filter reinforced PP raw materials for modified production process, after a one-time molding, post-processing process, to reach the temperature and other effects of acid and alkali. Specifications are central feed , the upper feed, corner feed filter plate features a 4-8 compression support points, make more with compression of the filter plate .

Product Name







10 0℃

Van Filter Plates advantages:

1, high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and sealing performance.

2, high pressure filter, the lower the moisture content of the material .

3, filtration speed, even washing the filter cake

4, filtered and the filtrate was the clear, high solids recovery

5, simple structure; low failure rate; easy maintenance and management

Caution when using :

Van ① Plates in use, can not suppress the cavity ( cavity filter chamber means no fill material ) .

② such as not using a filter press, must be cleaned to remove the filter plate placed horizontally or horizontal barrier discharge, in order to avoid distortion.