Fdrill rich brand of hot melt Derek drill

Fdrill rich brand of hot melt Derek drill

Product description:

Fdrill diamond-rich melt Derek description:
Zhuzhou hot drill, specialized factory, patented product, excellent quality, thin-walled drilling Chipless perfect solution connected!
Hot melt drilling process is on the metal sheet or pipe holes and a machined bush chipless processing technology, completely replace the thin-walled workpieces welding (riveting) then nut process. Using hot melt drilling technology, you can easily On the wall thickness of less than 12mm thin wall linings or aperture is formed. The thickness of the liner or aperture up to four times the original material thickness, pore size range from 1.8mm to 32mm.
1: Fdrill hot melt drilling wear-resistant, made of high-temperature alloy material when the tool and the workpiece contact, high revolution (1000 to 4000), and an appropriate axial thrust (feed force), and the drill. intense friction between the metal and instantly reach a temperature of 600 ° ~ 800 ° Celsius in. rapid softening of metal drill nearby area, continue to exert axial pressure, fast on the workpiece, the lower surface of the extruded sheet is about 3-5 times the initial The thickness of the bosses and the liner. The whole process takes only 2-6 seconds.
For processing needs a smooth surface or chamfered hole connection, can be flat-type hot melt drill to cut the workpiece surface bosses. Bushing can be used as a bearing support, bifurcated throat welding mouth and other purposes.
Standard models include two Fdrill short paragraph and a long section of their difference lies only in the length of the cylindrical portion;. Identical angle of the tapered portion of the melt when using these drills, the feed will be material remains in the direction. workpiece surface and form a round table.
Both also flat type to choose, in the same operation, the hot melt drill excision round table, resulting in a smooth surface.

2: Application Ftap be extruded extrusion tap tapping, for thread connecting thread is extruded, machined thread can withstand higher tensile and torsion using Ftap extrusion tap tapping, also has heat. Melting diamond forming the same advantages. It is a non-chip processing, the material exhibits fluidity, and the addendum flows from the tooth root. rolling it on a principle similar to the external thread in the process, since the material organization only is compressed, but not broken, so can withstand squeezing tapping thread forming torque is greater than the chip tapping!

Special hot melt drilling special cooling holder and collet
For reliable clamping Fdrill melt drill, we have developed a special knife handle with a thermal pad, which can effectively dissipate heat. In order to obtain optimum concentricity, as well as a special collet for locking Fdrill heat Melting drill.

Fdrill melt drill Features
Composite Application Fdrill melt extrusion tap drill and use the parent material of the workpiece to form a drill and thread, you can directly use as a nut, no additional weld nut member, material cost savings! Reduce the process! The whole process is clean and free of debris !
If the bush does not require thread, drilling can also be used to form the solder connection or sleeve in thin-walled parts to ensure connection strength while reducing processing steps, the operation is more simple! Increase productivity! No additional pieces of additional expenditure, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency!
Fdrill melt drill used without special processing machinery and equipment, all drilling or NC has sufficient power / CNC machining centers and so can, but need to meet the hot melt diamond processing speed and output power required, such as: standard drilling, milling machine, CNC machining center or power head can be. spindle speed 1000 ~ 4000r / min. depending on the aperture to be machined, workpiece material and thickness, the choice of cutting parameters are different.
Fdrill melt drill using the most advanced technology and equipment, effectively guarantee the accuracy Fdrill melt drill quality, precision and machining hole.
Fdrill no material suitable for processing drilling cuttings melt extrusion process:
Melt molding can be used for all thin-walled metals (excluding tin or zinc), such as: ordinary steel, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium alloy and various other ductile workpiece material may be processed through plating workpiece.
Fdrill melt processable material thickness for drill 1-12mm.
Fdrill complete a variety of hot melt drill diameter in the range of 1.8-32mm, special specifications can be customized.
Fdrill melt drill Advantages:
1. improve production efficiency. Fast drilling, rapid liner molding process takes only 2-6 seconds. Forming a threaded bushing can be extruded directly, replacing the production process cumbersome weld nut or rivet nuts.
2. Improve the quality of products to simplify the process, easy to operate; high precision holes; pressing the resulting thread has a high tensile strength and resistance to torsion.
3. To reduce production costs. Operation is simple easy to grasp, without additional equipment, replace expensive welding process.
4. clean environment, without the chips.
Fdrill melt drill can be used for manufacturing a variety of industries and products, including:
1. auto parts (chassis, seats)
2. Metal furniture
3. Bicycle Parts
The air conditioning ducts
5. Pressure Vessel
6. Medical fitness equipment
7. The solar modules
8. The valve heat exchange system.
9. Rail
10. Lift
11. Agricultural machinery
12. Construction Machinery
13. Tobacco Machinery
14. Food processing and packaging equipment