Non-explosion-proof hoist

Non-explosion-proof hoist

Product description:

Hoist machinery consists of spindle apparatus, planetary reducer, disc brake, hydraulic, lubrication, depth indicator and other components. With AC or DC motor. Spiral-wound single reel and double drum mine hoist two winding of wire rope on the drum and winch are similar. Single cylinder are only a piece of rope, connect a vessel. Double barrel equipped with a steel wire rope from each reel, connecting two vessels, the operation of a container up, another down. Double drum hoist type hydraulic rope clutch with radial tooth blocks; Planetary gearbox or transmission can be configured parallel to the axis of double circular arc gear reducer.

1, spindle device rolls split (for logging) and overall type type. 16Mn welding structures using carbon brakes welding. Reel overall annealing after welding to eliminate internal stress. Spindle material for the 45th steel forgings, normalizing, and conducted rigorous physical and chemical experiments and check. Winder spindle bearing housing bolts are fixed on two beams, Harbin bearing selection, Luoyang, three leading domestic manufacturers of wafangdian double row radial spherical roller bearings, the product quality is stable and reliable, simple in structure, installation, easy maintenance, high transmission efficiency. Spindle device of the drum is equipped with a device, you can use when maintaining brakes.

2, disc brake brake cylinders rear disc brakes, braking force is provided by disc springs, hydraulic control. Its compact structure, agility, safety and reliability. Design of braking torque of the brakes three times times the maximum static torque.

3, the planet's two-stage planetary gear reducer. This reducer with hard flank drive, compact structure, large transmission capacity, stable operation, low noise, long life and other characteristics, and is equipped with powerful lubrication lubrication station. Planetary gear speed reducer, Sun gear made of 20CrMnTi, carburizing hardening and grinding. High and low speed shaft passes through the grinding machine and check after quenching and tempering. Output for numerical control boring lathe boring, increase accuracy. Speed reducer gear steel for tanks.

4, hydraulic adjustable electrical delay secondary braking of hydraulic station, using proportional valves regulate pressures, configure two sets of motors, pumps and regulating device, a run, a spare set, in order to ensure reliable operation of hoist. Hydraulic components are arranged in the integrated tank panels for easy maintenance.

5, planetary gear reducers lubricating oil lubrication lubrication station supply to ensure the normal operation of the planetary gear reducer. Fuel: 63 l/min to ensure sufficient lubrication of tooth surface. Lubrication stations equipped with cooling and two sets of motors and gear pumps, a run, a spare set.

6, depth indicator depth indicator for Arch-, which indicates the position of hoisting container in the wellbore, speed and volume signal is sent.
Series: JTP (b) series of mine hoisting winch hoists JK/JTP JK/JTP/series winch wheel for mine hoist mining hoist electrically controlled mine hoist mining hoist series: JK2.0 winch 2JK2.5 winch JK3.0 JK winch of coal mine hoist winch JK3.5 JK hoist winch hoist series: JK2.5 JKB2.5 hoist winch 2JK3.5 winch JK2.0 winch 2JK2.5 winch JK3.0 winch-JK winch of coal mine winch series: lifting equipment of mine hoist machine JK2.5 JK2.5 JKB2.5 elevator hoist winch 2JK3.5 winch JK2.0 winch